Thursday, 14 December 2017

Underwear for Party Season

If like me you'll have spent most of the year going out in 'jeans-and-a-nice-top' but now it's December, there are so many Christmas parties and New Year events planned you might feel like you should make a little more effort. You need to pull together different going-out outfits and it's vital you've got the right bra to do it in! Upbra kindly sent me a few of their items to review. I've heard a lot about this brand, mainly from American bloggers/YouTubers as Upbra is not readily available in the UK yet, but they do ship worldwide including (rather quickly I might add) to the UK.

I chose their classic t-shirt bra in nude and their strapless bra in black - I felt this way I was covering all bases and I'd be more than ready for whatever outfit I'm wearing. I was really surprised at how quickly these arrived at my door, boxed and packaged so beautifully. The Upbra was developed to give lift that's fully adjustable to you. Along the under wire are clever little straps that when pulled in opposite directions give your boobs a squish and cleavage appears! The Upbra is padded but not overly so as most of the boost comes from the 'ActiveLift' technology.

So what did I think? Being a member of the itty-bitty-titty-committee I'm always up for testing the effectiveness of push-up bras and although I wouldn't choose to wear them everyday, for a night out under a dress it's great to have an extra something. The Upbra is different to anything I've tried before. I actually found it quite tricky to get to grips with. Trying the bra without using the 'lift technology' I would say they are comfortable, supportive and great quality bras. Adjusting the two little straps is difficult and I think this is something that will come with practice and patience. I ended up taking the bra off, adjusting to my required boost level, then putting it back on and adjusting boobs accordingly! This worked fine but it's a bit of a faff. The cups are padded but not heavily, so it doesn't feel like you have a weighty cushion on your chest like a lot of push up bras.

I ordered both bras in my usual size (of which I have been measured) and they fit well, although I think there wouldn't have been any harm in going down a size too. Upbra do have lots of tools for finding your right size on their website. And they have great service when it comes to choosing your bra and making sure you're satisfied with your product. Good quality underwear is not cheap, the Upbra retails at £59.05. You can see the detail that has gone into making these bras, it certainly makes a difference from my usual Primark underwear that lasts a year at best! So it's an investment piece to have in your wardrobe. I'm hoping these bras will serve me well for years. Also just spotted, the Upbra website is offering free worldwide shipping when you buy two or more items.

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