Friday, 24 November 2017

Do Happy Things Without Spending Money

We can all find happiness without spending money, right? Recently I've been feeling a bit down about my finances. It's probably the time of year - I love buying presents but my bank balance doesn't. Mixed with the idea of completing my looming tax return (hello, freelancers) I'm in need of cheering up. I also seem to be hyper aware of how the media (including bloggers and vloggers) only encourage the consumer. Everything we see and absorb revolves around spending money!

So in an attempt to make myself feel better and potentially help a few of you out there too, here's a long list of ideas of things to do that make me/you happy without spending a penny...

  • Watch uplifting films
  • Walk outside (even better if you have a dog to walk with)
  • Listen to music with headphones
  • Visit an old friend
  • Visit a new friend
  • Write lots of lists in a notebook
  • Text/Whatsapp everyone you love a happy thought
  • Write nice comments on 3 different strangers' Twitter/Instagram posts
  • Have a clear out
  • Make money by selling things from your clear out on eBay
  • Read a non-fiction book for a change
  • Write a letter (a real proper one with paper and everything)
  • Clear out your emails - delete everything that's not super important
  • Make plans for the future
  • Do something crafty draw/sketch/paint/doodle/knit/make
  • Make a list of your accomplishments that month
  • Cook or bake with whatever is in the kitchen
  • Spend time with pets or visit people who have pets
  • Watch organising/cleaning videos on YouTube for motivation
  • Read for at least an hour in silence
  • Go outside and take photographs
  • Write a blog post
  • Start a gratitude journal
  • Practice calligraphy 
  • Have a long bath
  • Look through old family photo albums
  • Look through memory boxes/read old diaries
  • Do YouTube yoga
  • Have a nap
  • Visit a local park/beach/forest/lake
  • Reorganise a collection (makeup/stationary/etc)
  • Have a break from the internet

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  1. I love this list! I love watching BohoBeautiful yoga videos on YouTube she's fantastic.

    Abigail Alice x


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