Monday, 30 October 2017

Makeup at Home with Blow ltd

I don't have my makeup done professionally very often so it's always a treat when I can book for a special occasion. Blow LTD got in touch a few weeks ago and asked if I'd like to try their services. Blow LTD is an app you can download and book at-home hair, makeup and nail treatments with a stylist in your area. It's very very simple, the app isn't complex or difficult to use. You can choose a day and time to suit you and have the expert come out to your home, hotel or event.

On Friday night I had a early birthday celebration with my girls. We went out for a meal and then on to a local cocktail bar for martinis. I had booked in with Blow LTD for makeup and it was a weight off my mind knowing I didn't need to worry about doing my own face that night. Jade was my MUA, she arrived right on time and was super professional. She worked quickly, no messing around, within seconds she had her array of products out on the table and was prepping my skin. And she was lovely to chat to. She told me more about Blow and how it works. She only had good things to say about the company and explained how you can rate your stylist, just like rating your Uber driver. Jade had to notify Blow when she had arrived at my home and once she had completed the job, so there's a little extra safety measure for the stylists too. Finished result; I loved my makeup! Jade listened to what I wanted and used warm bronzy tones from the new Urban Decay Heat palette on my eyes which is a palette I'm lusting after myself so I could see what I could aim to create with it. I opted for a matte nude lip which I new I could easily reapply myself after eating out. I had no complaints! My makeup lasted all night too.

I don't live in the centre of Manchester so I was concerned that Blow LTD wouldn't reach my area, but it did! (I'm approx 30mins from the city centre). At the moment Blow seem to be covering Manchester, Birmingham and London so if you live in or around those areas it's worth checking out if someone can reach your home. Having a professional come out to me was the best part. I could get on with my day right up until appointment time, no waiting around in a salon or at a beauty counter and then having to rush home praying you won't be caught in a downpour. I would most certainly use them again. They're averagely priced for similar treatments in my town and I'd say slightly better value than salons or beauty counters in the city centre.

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