Monday, 18 September 2017

What I'm Watching

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It's pouring with rain outside, we've had to put the heating on. All I want to do on a Friday night is stay at home in front of the TV and delve into all the lovely new Autumn dramas, try out Netflix originals and binge on box sets. It helps when you have a cracking high definition screen that's almost half the size of your living room (thank you Josh). Rather like the Panasonic 4K TV Range when your favourites are at super cinema-like quality why would you need to leave the house!?

What's keeping me entertained this coming Autumn...
A Netflix drama starring Jason Bateman this one has gripped me recently. Money-laundering, murder, drug lords and revenge! It's set in the American Ozarks and although it's not as good as Breaking Bad it's a decent fix for any fans missing their dark dramas.

Bobby & Harriet
A Viceland comedy/documentary about two real life comedians who are planning their real life wedding. It's scripted and made to be entertaining but it's very funny. Bobby seems like a nightmare to live with and is hardly enthusiastic about his upcoming wedding (although obviously loves his fiance very much) and Harriet is a down to earth, sweet person who has to deal with Bobby's shit. Something light and silly to watch to remind you that not all relationships are perfect but they can be honest and heart-warming.

Strictly Come Dancing
It's back! Saturday and Sunday evenings are going to be filled with glamour and glitter again! I'm very excited for Strictly this year. I love to be surprised to discover who can move on the dance floor and I always root for the underdog (last year it was Ed Balls).

The Strain
If you're a fan of zombie/vampire/alien thrillers that are a bit ott and slightly scary you'll love The Strain. There's an outbreak after passengers of a flight are all infected by the weirdest vampires I've ever seen. The actor who plays Peter Russo in House of Cards is in it, and I like him. It's a Sky box set series but I'm not sure if it's available elsewhere.

Dr Foster
Returning for a second series if you missed the first one, get caught up, it's a BBC drama that's well worth the watch with some fantastic edge-of-your-seat acting from Suranne Jones. I can't wait to see what crazy things she'll do in series 2.

I feel ever so fancy on Sunday evenings when I sit down in my pjs with a glass of wine to watch Victoria. The title song is just the best. I've been getting a bit bored with period dramas over the years but Victoria is a bit different, beautifully filmed and scripted, one to watch - again there's a first series to catch up with if you missed it last year.

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  1. I love The Strain! (I watch it on Hulu.) It's not cheesy, and I like the plot. I've been re-watching True Blood lately which is slow going, but it's nice considering I don't remember a lot of what happens. I need to start on Ozark; I've heard so many good things about it!


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