Monday, 11 September 2017

Living Room Details

Our front living room was the first to be painted, furnished and styled. Josh and I spend the majority of our time in here, both together and individually. Watching Netflix at night with candles burning and the floor lamp glowing, or eating bacon butties on a Sunday morning watching the world go by outside. I think this room best describes our personalities and has touches of what is most important to us. I wanted to share some of my favourite corners on Hello Gwen today...

Above is the little wooden bowl brought from my parents house when I moved out, on a stack of mini photography books I bought during my student days. Below, our IKEA Strandmon armchair and cushion pops into the picture of our 'music corner' which includes a Crosley vinyl player, Josh's Les Paul and a few records stacked with 'arty' coffee table books I've collected over the years.

What I always wanted in our living room was a basket full of blankets and throws. I'm one of those people who's always cold and likes nothing more than curling up on the sofa covered in blankets! Saves on the heating bills too, having this huge wicket basket close by is a life saver. You may spot Baymax peeping out from his comfy spot. He was a birthday present from Josh, we both love Big Hero 6.

I have no idea what this plant is called. I knew at the time of buying but I've completely forgotten, I'm not great with plant names. It's a good one for our living room though as it lives in a shady corner away from the window and is doing pretty well there. It's very low maintenance, Josh thought it was plastic until he saw me watering it the other week. Behind you might spot a framed illustration, this is one of my Dad's which I pinched from his sketchbook because I loved it so much. I had it up on my bedroom wall at my parent's for years and couldn't wait to find a perfect place for it in our own home.

This little clock was only £4.99 from The Range. I can't live in a house without clocks, I need to know the time - all the time. We have a bigger version of this hanging above the stairs too. There's something about pocket watch style clocks I love. It's sitting on a stack of photography books including the one I produced to go alongside my dissertation about self-portraiture.

Here you can see our 'music corner' and bookshelf much clearer. That weird plastic orb to the left is a sub-woofer for our speakers. Favourite books include the Daniel Meadows one I got signed when I met him at the Science & Media Museum in Bradford. Susan Bright's Art Photography Now which was my bible during my degree and our own photo album of pictures from our holiday to Greece last year.

If you're wondering where anything is from, it's probably IKEA. We spent our lives in IKEA when we were doing up the house I'm a big fan of their affordable furniture and you can really mix and match to make it your own. I love our living space, interior design is my current favourite topic of conversation!

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