Thursday, 7 September 2017

Coming Back From a Long Break

Every now and again I'll have a break from blogging. Keeping a blog is a hobby for me and sometimes I don't have the time of the energy to pursue it because I'll be doing other things and/or being kept busy with work. But this break has been one of my longest ever. I haven't posted anything since June! I've been feeling a bit disheartened with the blogging world (which feels so huge and complicated right now) I've felt a bit swept away with it all. It's ok though - I've quite enjoyed the break and feel ready to come back to Hello Gwen with new ideas and a fresh mind.

Here are some things that are new with me, let's have a catch up...

Home Comforts
I've been living with my boyfriend since April in our first home together. Things are great, I'm really enjoying being a home owner and having a place of our own. I can't pass up on a opportunity to shop for home things now! But I'm trying to be good as we've spent so much money just getting the place up to speed. I'm still looking for a few big items (and we still haven't got a bathroom floor) but those things will come into place. Hopefully this side of Christmas!

New Arrival
We have a puppy! Her name is Bobbie, she's a Miniature Schnauzer and she's now 10 weeks old. We have wanted a dog together for such a long time and I'm really happy we are finally pup-parents but my goodness it's much harder than we were expecting! I've been keeping a little diary of Bobbie's first week with us which I'll write up for a blog post soon and go into more detail about all the highs and lows of owning a puppy - stay tuned!

Work Work Work
The photography business is still going strong! As usual, some months are much better than others and I've found this past summer I've been shooting more events than ever before and having lots of fun doing so. The winter months mean only one thing, Christmas photoshoots! (Eurgh I'm not ready to leave summer behind yet!) But anyone who works in some form of retail will know the lead up to December has to start super early and plans need to be in place for me by the end of October.

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