Thursday, 11 May 2017

The Best Things About May

Hello internet people, it's about time I got some words posted on Hello Gwen. I've been super duper busy with house projects, I'm not able to put a paintbrush down! I've been working on a few new prints for my Etsy shop too. But I'm taking the time today to blog about the things I'm enjoying or looking forward to in the month of May...

May is the Month of Birthdays
There are some lovely birthday celebrations coming up in May. I'm a big birthday person and I love celebrating other people's just as much as my own. One of my closest friends turns 25 in the middle of the month and Josh celebrates his birthday at the end of May. Lots of present buying to be done! And I'll need a good rummage through my wardrobe to find some outfits for all these nights out!

My little Etsy shop is a slow process but it's building up a bit of speed now with more orders placed this week than ever before! If you like little pen and ink illustrations and need some new pieces of wall art check it out here PrintsbyGwen. There's nothing more soothing than sitting down in the evening with my sketchbook and doodling away on ideas.

New Jewellery
Two new pieces from ONecklace arrived this month - this beautiful roman numerals silver ring, which fits so comfortably I forget I have it on. It's a clever little way to carry around a date that's important to you. I also got this roman numeral circle necklace for a friend, featuring her little boy's birthday. Thank you to ONecklace for allowing me to add more gorgeous jewellery to my collection. I have quite a few items from this online shop now and I've been over the moon with every piece. Great quality and unique designs, if you love personalised jewellery you'll love their site.

Home Purchases
May is the month our dining table is being delivered. We're happy eating in front of the TV most nights but it will make a nice change to have breakfast at a table and flip through a magazine, be able to have friends over for food and to not have to juggle a bowl of hot soup over our living room carpet!

Life Without a Coat
By now the weather in the UK should be warming up. Which means days and nights out without fifteen layers and a heavy winter coat weighing me down. I will miss scarves and hats though. But it's a lovely feeling to walk about in the countryside in just a tshirt and jeans. We went for a walk yesterday and it was glorious.

Gin & Tonics
Now is the best time of year to start pouring yourself fancy G&Ts and experimenting with flavours! Firm favourite of mine will always be sparkling elder-flower, cucumber and limes. Of course you can drink G&Ts any old month but I always feel the arrival of Spring and Summer is when they hit their peak.

Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack Vol 2
We saw GOTG2 in cinemas in April (midnight showing the day of release of course). Another amazing soundtrack. Josh downloaded it almost immediately and we've been listening to it quite a bit. I could have put money on there being a Fleetwood Mac song on there - a feel good album perfect for this time of year.

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  1. Great post! May is definitely a birthday month - we have 3 in our family

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