Tuesday, 28 February 2017


Have you noticed the growing trend for wearing underwear as outerwear? From slip cami dresses to lacy bralets worn under blazers, people are not afraid to show off their delicates! Although I'm not brave enough to go out wearing only a bra I can appreciate a well placed neckline and pretty undies. If I'm wearing a low v neck tshirt I'll make the effort to put something nice on underneath and in this case, I'm wearing a scoop neck top from Boohoo* with a sewn in eyelash lace panel, which follows the trend with minimal effort. Featured here, I styled it with jeans and a leather jacket for daytime wear and swapped my blue jeans for black ones and my boots for a pair of heels for a fancy meal out.

If you own anything a bit see-through, forget about layering it up and just wear a pretty bralet instead. I'm wearing this cross strap lace bra from Boohoo* which perfectly peeks out from a low cut neckline and shows off under lace. This top and bra combo works from day to night and I feel so much dressier and put together when I wear lace. I've already had a few compliments too, I think the straight across lace edge is what catches people's eye, it's very flattering. It's my second time trying lingerie from Boohoo and again I'm pleasantly surprised. It's comfortable, true to my usual size and feels well made.

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  1. I've been doing something similar recently! I love the look of lace peeking out. Even if you're not showing any more skin, it really adds something to the look.

  2. Love this look :)

    Rachael xx.


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