Thursday, 15 December 2016

Throw on a Poncho

Can you tell I had a bit of fun editing the shots from this shoot. After a busy day at work I spent twenty minutes capturing my new cashmere poncho* from WoolOvers and swishing it around. What a versatile essential for Winter. Ponchos and wraps seem to have been forgotten about this year but there's nothing easier to throw on over an outfit. Being pure cashmere it's so so soft and warm. I've been wearing mine in three different ways...

This poncho is available in six colours, mine is 'Dove Grey' and although it's quite pricey, it is pure cashmere, feels luxuriously soft and goes with everything. Above I'm wearing it in three ways; with the neck twisted to one side in a asymmetric style as shown on the WoolOvers website. Secondly I've been pulling all the fabric over my shoulders and wearing it as a oversized scarf. And lastly I've swung the v neck to the front, a classic comfortable cape look. I'd happily wear this to work, out with friends or to keep warm on a chilly evening in the summer. It's light enough to be worn all year round in the UK.  



  1. I agree ponchos are so easy to wear and cosy. That first shot is amazing don't know how your captured that
    livinginaboxx | bloglovin

    1. Thanks Lauren, I'll fess up, it's a cheeky Photoshop edit! Lots of fabric throwing pictures and then some stitching together in PS ;) x


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