Monday, 26 December 2016

Boxing Day Chat

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas Day! I've spent my Boxing Day, reading, eating leftovers and watching Disney films (Frozen, for the first time and Brave, for the second). Featured in this post are just a selection lovely little gifts I've been lucky to receive this year; cat socks, mugs and body shop hand cream are all essential for a lazy day at home. I've become pretty good at finding ways to treat myself when it's just too chilly and dark to go out. Have you tried a sheet mask yet? I opened my first one last week with hopes of a pre-Christmas skin boost but found the whole thing really strange...

Sheet masks are the skin treatments that come as a whole face with cut out eyes and mouth. Popular in Korea. I always thought they were paper-y but in this case mine was gel-like, cool and refreshing but it kept slipping down and needed readjusting every two minutes. I'll stick to my classic 'slap them on and wash them off' masks I think. I'm currently using the Nuxe Crème Fraiche Mask which is even more hassle-free as you just leave it to soak in overnight. It's more of a heavy night cream than a mask but I've noticed it does wonders if your skin is looking dehydrated.

As we head towards a new year I've been thinking often about changing my hair. On Friday I had a good amount chopped from the ends so it looks much healthier and a extra long, center-part fringe cut in which I love. It frames my face and gives me something to work to make hair-up days a bit more interesting. I've been wondering about a colour change but I'm too on the fence at the moment and happy to grow out the natural dark blonde a bit more and give my hair a good break from dye. 

I've been lounging around reading copies of Marie Claire* on my iPad, courtesy of Pocketmags, a digital magazine subscription service. Would you have guessed, they have a Boxing Day sale on at the moment! Treat yourself or someone you know and start 2017 with a subscription to one of your favourite titles. Because they're digital, you can access them through the Pocketmags app and pick up where you left off wherever you are. Flicking through a new issue is bound to brighten up your commute in January.

Enjoy all of life's small but mighty things. Rest, relax and take care of yourselves during the Winter break.


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