Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Manchester Cat Cafe

Manchester has it's very own Cat Cafe! Being a cat-lover it wasn't long before I'd booked a visit. We went as a family for my Mum's birthday treat on a cold and drizzly day in November. When first hearing about a cat cafe opening in Manchester I was nervous. I wasn't sure it would be the best environment for animals that love the outdoors, open space and peace and quiet. I had visions of cats being harrassed by the cafe visitors all day everyday and not allowed alone time. But I had a look on the Manchester Cat Cafe website which helped to ease my worries and I felt reasurred that all the cats were well cared for and saw that the cafe rules were quite strict. After visiting for myself I can honestly say that I'm very impressed with the cafe and felt all the cats were happy, loved and living in pure luxury!

The cafe has a triple door system and the cats have their own private areas away from the cafe visitors which they can access all the time. The cafe is in a quiet spot in Manchester's Northern Quarter. It has huge glass windows which let in plenty of natural light and the cafe itself is very big and open plan. The cats had lots of room to run and play or hide away if they wanted to. I was really impressed, not at all worried and could see how much the staff cared for their cats. We booked in advance for early on a Sunday morning, on arrival we were presented with new slippers to wear and a locker to put our things. Although there were other visitors already inside it wasn't crowded at all and the atmosphere was very relaxed and quiet. It was also a great photo opportunity...

You pay for your time in the cafe, it's £12 an hour or £1 every 5 minutes and all hot and cold drinks are included. They had a great selection too, not just tea and coffee but flavoured coffees, lattes and chai tea. The cafe sells cookies and brownies for an extra cost and you can even buy a few cat treats!
We probably spent time with 6 out of the 10 cats as some didn't want to come out and say hello. Many were happy to pose for a photograph and Kiera (the bengal) wanted to play with toys and jump around. Others were happier left alone to snooze in their vast choice of beds and boxes. Excitement occurs whenever a dog passes by outside! Ygritte the Norweigan Forest Cat (below) was possibly my favourite although its impossible to pick a favourite when they were all so beautiful. 



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