Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Capsule Wardrobe Autumn Updates

Thank goodness it's Autumn. I can finally dig out all the ankle boots from under the bed and stop tanning my ghostly pale legs. It's jeans and jumper season! This time of year is just the best for fashion. I've already made a small H&M order and I'm now on the hunt for my winter coat. I'm thinking of updating the tweed boyfriend coat I've had for years and going for a camel, khaki or blush pink duster coat instead. This year I'm embracing styles I like, wearing what I know suits me, but trying out a few new shades and hues. I have so much black and grey in my wardrobe I'm leaning towards warmer tones this A/W.

My 'capsule' wardrobe wouldn't pass any official tests (?) but I'm proud of myself for only buying a few new clothes this year and I plan to continue to only buy what I need and know I'll wear over and over again. The secret I've found, is to forget about fashion that is trending. If you buy into a trend, there's a high chance you won't love those clothes the following year because they'll look outdated to you. Especially if the trend is fleeting and wild. Embellished or embroidered bomber jackets are amazing and they are everywhere. I love seeing people style them but I have a funny feeling that no one will be wearing crazy silky bomber jackets in 6 months time. I guess if you have an unlimited budget then short-lived fashion trends aren't a problem, same applies if you don't give a crap about what's trending and you'll wear it for years to come anyway, but I like to think ahead and be wise about fashion that is trending.

At the weekend I packed all my summer clothes away in storage boxes and dug out last years A/W stuff. There were a few things I decided to let go of, they are off to the charity shop. But there are loads of jumpers, tops and scarves that I'm really excited to wear again. I've been able to spot if anything is missing from my wardrobe and make updates accordingly! This Autumn I will be adding
new colours: camel, brown, tan, blush and khaki. And...
That's my main wish list. Short and sweet. I may be swayed by a few items when I'm out shopping of course (the ASOS sale is calling) but I'm still happy working towards a capsule wardrobe of clothes I really really like. What are you adding to your wardrobes this season, capsule or not, I'm interested to know!



  1. Great pieces for long term style! Love this post. x

    Allie | Rush + Teal

  2. I need to stop looking at trends too, nearly bought some patent boots from Topshop today before I realised that they're actually quite ridiculous haha. I'd love to invest in a pair of Acne Jensen boots one day so I've set a picture of them as my laptop and phone background to remind me I'm saving for them every time I nearly buy something online!

    I love the slouchy jumper you bought, H&M are so good for knits. I think Matalan is a good place for jumpers too! x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic


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