Friday, 19 August 2016

DIY Easy Choker Necklaces

Everybody's wearing them, yes, 90s style choker style necklaces are back! But have you noticed how expensive they are? For what is often just a piece of cord, ribbon or suede? I've seen simple fabric chokers on sale for £10+ pounds which is just silly when it's so easy to make your own. If you're not sure whether this trend is for you, my DIY chokers are the perfect way to experiment without causing damage to your bank balance. They are really easy to make and can be completed in under half an hour. And you may even have all the necessary items at home already, so what are you waiting for!?

What You Need
You can make a choker out of all sorts of materials. For the following, I'm using suede cord, colourful skinny cord, waxed leather-look cord and basic elastic. I've also found lots of various pretty trims in haberdashery shops. Almost everything crafty can be found on eBay. Something with a little stretch is always good but not necessary. I raided my sewing box and craft supplies to use what I already had - so I actually didn't spend a single penny! Charms, pendents or studs can jazz up a simple choker. It's optional, but I used a lobster clasp and cord fastenings on a couple of my diy chokers so they are easy to get on and off. But you can always just fasten your choker at the back of your neck with a small knot or bow.

Style No.1 - Three's a Charm
This choker is made from two lengths of black cotton cord and one length of black leather/waxed cord. Measure around your neck for the perfect fit. Cut your cord shorter than needed if you're going to be adding a metal clasp and cut longer than needed if you are going to be tying in a knot.
I had some old necklaces and bracelets I didn't wear, so I used charms and beads from those to add to the choker. This one looks effortless and thrown together, I love layering necklaces.

Style No.2 & No.3 - Basic Black
A simple black choker is very popular fashion choice right now. I used a length of stretchy black elastic (approx 1cm wide) and tied at the back with a knot, leaving the ends long. You can wear it in two ways! Super easy and works like a charm. And you won't need to undo the knot, good quality elastic will just about stretch over your head.

Style No.4 - Punk Studs
If a plain black choker is too boring for you, add some tiny studs or embellishments to your elastic. I pushed these gold studs through with my fingers and secured down them with a small pair of pliers.You can push the backs firmly down so all pointy bits are buried in the elastic and won't rub or scratch your neck. They shouldn't feel sharp if you run your fingers across them.

Style No.5 - Go For Gold
The perfect choker to wear on a night out with a little black dress. This is a piece of shimmery gold trim which you can buy by the metre. Add gold metal findings to the ends for ease of use, or just tie in a little bow at the back of your neck.

Style No.6 & No.7 - Western Suede
This is simply a length of tan suede which you can tie as a choker in many different ways! Wrap around your neck once, twice or three times and tie in a knot, leaving the ends long. Tie it in a bow, big or small. Or wrap the whole piece around you neck several times and tie a hidden knot at the back.

Style No.8 - Hippy Luxe
Take a small pendant, such as a stone, crystal or gem, and thread it on to a double length of cord in your favourite colour. Tie at the back and you're done! The easiest way to make and style a choker necklace.

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