Friday, 15 July 2016

What's in My Purse?

We've all read or written our own What's in My Bag blog post. They will never loose their charm. Everybody is curious to see what each other carries around every day, it's human nature to be nosy! But today I'm delving even further and showing you what's inside my purse (or wallet if you prefer). I can't say this will be particularly exciting but it is interesting to see what's in there. It's not all practical or necessary stuff, and I wonder why I carry around some of things I do...

The Basics
Debit cards, cash and ID. The three things you'll find in anyone's purse. This is my new 'Montana' purse from Yoshi*. It comes in four colours, I opted for 'Tangerine' as I like a bright accessory. It's beautifully made from butter-soft Nappa leather. I need a purse with a lot of space and card pockets but I don't want to something overly bulky or cumbersome. This one closes together with a press stud, it's sleek and neat, with plenty of room for all the bits I carry around.

My last purse had a clear pocket for holding a photograph or ID. This one doesn't but I'm still going to carry a old picture of me and Josh around. I feel like it would be bad luck to not have this with me now. It's nice to have a little printed picture to pull out now and again. I found a passport style pic of myself in there from when I was 19. Probably from my Uni days when we needed passport sized photos for everything!

Reward Cards
Boots, Odeon, Pieminister, you name the place, I have a points card for it. It's a bit ridiculous the amount of rewards cards I carry around on a daily basis. But you never know when you might fancy a Millie's Cookie! I get the most use out of my Boots advantage card (which is well worth having, the points actually build up quite quickly and on occasion I'll treat myself to a new lipstick).

Then there are those odds and ends that somehow end up in a secret pocket, stashed away for years. I've recently switched to this Yoshi purse*, but there were some things I found in my old purse I just couldn't leave behind. An 'Admit One' ticket, I can't really remember where it's from but it must have been important for me to carry it around for so long. Superstition, but now it's essential I keep this with me! There's also a little piece of folded paper from a Murder Mystery night, my character's name is written on this and for some reason I've kept it. I also have some Boots vouchers, a receipt and my NHS Donor Card. Emptying your purse is like looking into the past or reading a journal of your past year.



  1. i have random stuff in my purse

  2. I want to do a post like this sometime! I have the most utterly random things in my purse. It was fun to peek into yours!

    1. Isn't it strange the things we keep!? Let me know if you do this blog post I'd like to see it x

  3. your purse is so pretty! mine is a complete mess inside right now haha

    xo Sarah
    Absolutely Sarah | Bloglovin

    1. It's always neater when I transfer everything over to a new one! I finally throw away all those tatty receipts and bits of fluff haha


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