Tuesday, 14 June 2016

What's in my Travel Camera Bag

When this post goes out hopefully I'll be on the island of Crete for a long awaited summer holiday with my boyfriend. And of course, I want to take lots of photographs! I'm taking time off work but that does not mean my camera sits on a shelf to collect dust - I can't wait to capture a place I've never been to before! There are some photography kit essentials I won't leave home without, but there are a few pitfalls I will be avoiding. Travelling with a suitcase full of clothes means packing sensibly and light when it comes to camera equipment. So what's in my kit bag for a summer beach holiday....

Nikon D3000 & 35mm lens
My work camera is a hefty D800 full frame body. It's far too big (and expensive) to take travelling. I know I'll want a camera with me every day, so I need something small enough to fit into a handbag and light enough not to give me a bad neck. I'll be taking my handy Nikon D3000 with one (yes, just one) 35mm lens. As wonderful as it would be to take an array of lenses for all occasions, I know I won't have the patience to actually use them all. I love my nifty 35mm. It's not the perfect lens for capturing those pretty landscapes and horizons, but it's a fantastic portrait/everyday lens. It takes beautiful images and with an f stop of 1.8 I can achieve that buttery narrow depth of field and it works wonders in dim light for night time shooting. The 35mm is also very lightweight and non-obtrusive. Plus it won't take up all the room in my carry on bag.

Gorilla Tripod
I love my gorilla tripod. It's strong, sturdy and flexible. It doesn't weigh very much and you can pop it into a handbag. It's used to support or steady the camera on a uneven surface. It also helps to angle your camera in a particular way. I've had my camera fall just once when using the Gorilla tripod; when I placed it on a shiny domed bin lid to take outfit photos. I've learnt my lesson there, it doesn't do too well on slippy surfaces but it's got great grip with rougher terrain. I have very few photos with Josh and it would be lovely to get some together while we are away. I don't like asking for passers by to take our photo so a mini tripod and remote (see below) is ideal.

iPhone Remote & DSLR Remote
I'll be using my iPhone 6 camera for snapshots, and with the correct attachment I can mount it on to my Gorilla tripod too. A remote for my iPhone and DSLR would be amazing but I'm yet to find one that will work for both. Instead I'll have to remember to pack two (and spare batteries if you think you'll need them). Selfies just got serious.

SD Cards & Carrier
Don't forget your spare SD cards - without access to a computer I won't be able to download my images and a few 16GB cards are essential.

Underwater iPhone Case
I have the Vansky underwater case for my phone. I did the paper test and it it's true it keeps every drop of water out! I'm not sure I'll be brave enough to fully submerge my phone but for taking photos by the pool or on the beach it'll give me peace of mind that my phone is protected.

Battery Charger & Adapter Plugs
Taking any electronics abroad means thinking about recharging them. Don't forget you may need an adapter plug too!

Dropbox Account & App
I use the Dropbox app to upload my phone photos and videos. I like to know they are backed up and I can delete them from my Camera Roll if necessary to save on space.

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  1. Haven't seen a post like this in a while - really helpful. Do you use a remote for all your pictures?

    Jazzria x

  2. Nice top :)
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    Maria V.


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