Thursday, 30 June 2016

Estée Lauder Double Wear Light

My adoration for the Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation cannot be rivaled... or can it?

If you've ever tried the classic Double Wear Stay-in-Place foundation from Estée Lauder you'll understand why millions of women love this product. There's a reason it's our nations bestselling foundation. It applies beautifully, it covers all sorts of imperfections and blemishes and it really stays put all day and all night. The only problem I have with the regular Double Wear is that even the palest shade is too dark for my ghostly complexion. I use '1N1 Ivory Nude' but I usually have to mix it with a white foundation to lighten it up considerably especially in the winter months. Some people also say Double Wear is too heavy for them. It is a full coverage foundation which can feel a little mask-like and it isn't the best for everyday wear. I save mine for nights out, big events or if I'm having a terrible skin day.

I was keen to try the light version of my favourite foundation, and encouraged by a friend who loves it, I placed an order for Estée Lauder Double Wear Light in the colour 'intensity 0.5' (of course, the palest shade in the range) and crossed my fingers it would be every bit as fantastic as the original but with perhaps a lighter coverage and fresher feel on the skin.

Instead of the heavy glass bottle, the light version comes in a squeezy plastic tube which is so much better for dispensing the product! You can be far more precise with how much foundation you use which means less waste and it seems more hygienic this way too. The number of times I've poured out too much foundation, now I can accurately squeeze out the amount I need. At first I was a little surprised at how little product (30ml) you get for your money (£30), but actually it's the exact same volume as the original Double Wear (and many other foundations come in bottles of 30ml) it just feels less being in a slim tube.

I've applied the DW Light with both a damp beauty blender and a buffing brush on different days and both techniques work well. Coverage is slightly sheerer with a beauty blender (as to be expected). The foundation has a lovely smooth consistency that's ever so slightly thinner than the original DW. I've been able to build up coverage by going over certain areas twice. It doesn't look cakey or unnatural at all. The foundation needs 5-10 minutes to fully set on the face (or maybe that's just my skin, I find all foundations look better after they've had time to set in) and then it looks perfect. It has a satin-matte finish that looks like real skin. I can definitely feel that I'm wearing makeup but it isn't uncomfortable or heavy. Estée Lauder say this is a sheer-to-medium coverage foundation but I'd say it's a standard medium (that could even be built up to full with a bit of work.) I do need to use concealer over big blemishes and under my eyes whereas with the original DW I don't need to use concealer at all.

Shade Match
After researching online I decided to go with the palest shade 'intensity 0.5' which thankfully looked to have lots of yellow undertones and wasn't too pink. But when I first applied 0.5 I wasn't sure. It looked a teeny tiny bit too dark and I spotted more pink tones to it than I'd seen in photos online. But once I'd blended it in I felt much better, it seemed to adapt slightly to my skin tone and as long as I blend well down my neck it's fine. I'd say this was a neutral toned foundation. To my eye, it has a mix of pink and yellow undertones and it sits in the middle which is fantastic if you have neutral undertones to your skin as so many foundations are either very yellow or very pink. After the foundation had 'set' any concerns I had about the shade were gone. If it helps anyone, I am a NC15 in MAC.

Yes! The DW Light lasts just as long as the original DW foundation. I'm so happy about this as that is my favourite thing about the Double Wear range; it really does last. I can apply this in the morning and it still looks great way into the evening. I'll come home from a night out, look in the mirror and be pleasantly surprised that my makeup looks the same as it did when I left the house. It doesn't crease around the nose or chin and it doesn't go patchy. I've found that the DW Light is even better at controlling shine than the original DW. I don't need to apply powder to my usually shiny T-zone when wearing this foundation (although I haven't tested it in any hot or humid environments yet).

It's every bit as good as the original Double Wear with a slightly sheerer coverage and lighter feel. It's a wonderful every day foundation that will take you from day to night with minimal touch ups because it just lasts so flippin' well. It looks healthy and natural on the skin. The shade 'intensity 0.5' has a mix of yellow and pink undertones which is ideal for me and it's much lighter than any of the original Double Wear foundations so if you're super pale you might find your shade match in the DW Light. It comes in a squeezy tube so it's much easier to work with and I'll waste less product.

It is quite expensive at £30 and it's a foundation I will want to use everyday. I'll take note of how long the 30ml lasts, it's certainly worth every penny if the tube lasts a good while.

This is my new favourite everyday foundation. I can't praise it enough. If you love the original Double Wear you will love this. If you're yet to try any Estée Lauder foundations I would start with this one especially if you don't want to feel like you're wearing tons of makeup but you still want great coverage.

The Estée Lauder Double Wear Light has a 10/10 from me!



  1. I'm running low on my Kiehl's BB Cream and this sounds like a great lightweight alternative for summer! I also used to use DW but it was too dark for me to use on a day to day basis - such a shame. Thanks for sharing :) Molly x

    1. Estee Lauder also have a Double Wear BB cream which I'm curious about. If you like BB creams that might be a good option for you! x


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