Wednesday, 25 May 2016

What I'm Wearing | Ralph Sunglasses

Every year I like to add a new pair of sunglasses to my collection. I'll wear sunnies all year round if the weather is bright, but of course the beginning of the summer months hopefully means more opportunities to rotate through my collection. My most recent addition and current favourites are the Ralph 5162 in tortoise shell by Ralph Lauren. They were kindly sent to me from Sunglasses Shop after I spent hours browsing their site (new glasses, it's a big decision right?) and although the Ralph 5162 aren't wildly different from the other sunglasses I own, I like them very much.

They aren't cheap, as to be expected from a designer pair of sunglasses, but I feel no reason to save them for a special occasion. They go with everything and anything. I know what I want when it comes to sunglasses, I know this retro shape (round with pointy corners) suits me. I'm a big fan of sunglasses without nose pads as those can loosen over time or bend out of shape and I need a pair I can push on top of my head without fiddly bits getting tangled in my hair. The Ralph 5162 remind me a lot of the Ray Ban 'Erika' which I've been meaning to try, but the Ralph arms are slightly thicker and lenses a bit rounder.

I've tried and tested all styles and colours but I keep coming back to tortoise shell. I'm fair skinned, with dark blonde hair so black frames can be too harsh on my face. Pale frames wash me out so a meet in the middle brown is best. They say to choose sunglasses a few shades darker than your hair colour and on the most part this advice works well! Ralph sunglasses by Ralph Lauren are a collection aimed at younger women (they say ages 16-25) and I agree I find the designs slightly less daunting and easier to pull off than those found in their premium range.

I own a pair quite like the Ralph 5162 in shape and colour, some cheap ones from H&M. I've had them for years and keep them as my 'handbag sunglasses' so they get thrown around and scratched and the coating has been peeling off for months. I'm so pleased these Ralph Lauren ones are a close match, I can proudly say I've got a quality pair of glasses in a style I know I'll get a lot of wear from. I promise to keep these ones in the hard case they arrived in and look after them!


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  1. So classy! Need to get my hands on some of these for the summer! Thanks for sharing lovely :-)



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