Friday, 22 April 2016

Sensationail Polish-to-Gel Nails

A few weeks ago I reviewed the Sensationail at-home gel manicure starter kit. It's a fantastic way to achieve a long lasting manicure yourself, avoiding salon prices. You can read that blog post here. But you do need nail polish that will react with the LED or UV rays and 'cure' under a lamp. These gel polishes can be pricey (£12.50 each from Sensationail) and if like me, you already have a large collection of regular nail polishes, it's frustrating to have to buy your favourite shades all over again, in gel formula. That's why Sensationail have introduced a 'polish to gel' transformer top coat* at £15.00 for 14.78ml. It allows you to use any nail polish and still get the wear and shine of a gel manicure.

The instructions say to mix equal parts of the transformer with your regular nail polish, then paint your nails and cure for 30 seconds with your LED lamp. Add a second coat of colour if needed, before sealing with a pure coat of polish to gel. Alternatively you can just apply the polish to gel as a top coat over your favourite nail polish and cure. But does it work?

Being impatient, I tried the second easier method first. I applied my nail polish design, using Essie Master Plan, Essie Fiji and a silver shade from Ciate. I left my nails to dry completely and then applied a coat of the Sensationail polish to gel and cured under the lamp for 30 seconds. After removing the sticky residue with gel cleanser my nails were rock hard, super shiny and looked just like a gel manicure! I was impressed. However, it wasn't long before I started to notice the difference between this manicure and my usual gel nails. Within hours I noticed some nails were starting to lift at the edges. I'd been really careful with application so it was disappointing to see them lifting. By the end of the day I couldn't take it any longer as I kept catching the edges, so frustrated I peeled all my manicure off within minutes. The polish just peeled away so easily, not like my usual gel nails at all.

I'm going to have a second go at using the polish to gel transformer and I'll keep you updated. I can only think the mixing method will have better results. But I'll need to go out and buy a nail brush to apply the mixture or risk getting the transformer mixed into my regular polish bottles. I think Sensationail could have provided a new clean nail brush with this product. I'm also going to try a few different methods and see what which works best. Maybe I didn't leave my nails to dry for long enough before applying the top coat? I'm not crazy about this product yet. Has anyone had different results? If you've any tips or tricks for getting the best outcome using polish to gel, please leave a comment below...


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  1. The mixing method is definitely best. Use your colour polish brush to apply the mixture then wipe with cleanser after :-)
    Also - I mix on foil - no wiping out the little pot!


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