Tuesday, 26 April 2016

10 Ways to Beat a Bad Mood

Once in a while those little life stresses can start to get you down, especially if a few problems come along at once. Sometimes you can wake up in a terrible mood for absolutely no reason! The weather definitely impacts on my mood, a few days of grey drizzly weather is a recipe for the blues. Here are ten of my favourite ways to get out of a bad mood and but a better spin on your day...

1. Be By Yourself
I'm not very sociable when I'm in a bad mood. If I'm grumpy, it's best I have some time to myself so I don't end up snapping at people (and then feeling very guilty about it). Don't force yourself to interact with others if you're not feeling up to it. Having a few hours or an entire day looking after yourself can be very therapeutic. Our friends and family will be there to cheer us up when we start to feel chattier again.

2. Listen to Your Favourite Old Album
Blast it from your speakers or stick a pair of headphones on and treat your ears to a walk down memory lane. If I play a favourite feel good album (Fleetwood Mac - Rumours) I instantly start to feel better.

3. Treat Yourself to a Fancy Breakfast
I usually make whatever is easiest and quickest in the morning, i.e. toast. But spending a little more time preparing a fancy breakfast for yourself is such a mood booster. If I start the day with banana pancakes and berries I'll kill the Monday morning blues before they can even settle in.

4. Write a Plan
If a lack of motivation is getting you down or jobs are piling up, writing a list of to-dos and an action plan can really help. Don't overwhelm yourself, be realistic and do a few tasks a day starting with the most important/urgent. Say to yourself 'I'm going to spend 1 hour doing this task'. Once you've ticked off your first couple of jobs you'll start to feel more in control.

5. Switch Off Your Screen
Relying so heavily on technology sometimes puts us out of touch with the real world. Spend a day without technology and do things you enjoy that don't require a Wifi signal.

6. Remember the Positives
It can be soul destroying when one bad thing happens after another. It can feel like nothing will ever go right and you're doomed to fail and be miserable for the rest of your life. Don't get sucked in to this negative way of thinking. Write down all the things you are thankful for, even really tiny things. Whatever it might be for you, if that's being grateful for good friends, a supportive family, a caring boyfriend/girlfriend or the new season of Game of Thrones.

7. Read Poetry
I don't read a lot of poetry, but I have found a young poet I love via Tumblr. Bee-the-poet writes beautiful modern poetry that I can often relate too and appreciate. Spending a few minutes re-reading some favourite poems or even song lyrics can help to alter your frame of mind and put things into a new perspective. Try it!

8. Watch a (Romantic) Comedy
This is a good idea if your other half is the reason for your bad mood! A love story will make you feel all soppy inside and you'll be able to forgive and forget far quicker. Watching a comedy will also lift your spirits, that's just common sense!

9. Yoga at Home
Try following a YouTube yoga video for 20 mins or so and see how relaxing, concentrating on your breathing and getting a bit of exercise dramatically improves your mood. I like Yoga with Adriene. If you're an active soul then get your running shoes on and head outside or to the gym. Exercise is proven to improve your mood and reduce stress.

10. Paint
You might not be the next Monet but spending time painting, drawing or being crafty always cheers me up. If you're not artistic in the slightest, even painting furniture has the same effect. You're focusing on one very brain-relaxing activity which takes your mind off worrying about everything else. I like to be creative with music on or in complete silence. It's like meditation for those of us who have to be doing something productive.

I hope this post was helpful in beating your bad mood! If you have anything to add please leave a comment below. How do you turn your day around when you've woken up on the wrong side of the bed?

*Please note: depression is a serious illness and not to be confused with a grumpy day for which these suggestions were intended. If you are suffering from depression help can be found here.



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