Tuesday, 15 March 2016

What I'm Wearing | Silver Rings

I've long been a fan of silver jewellery. I wear gold and rose-gold from time to time or for certain occasions, but I always come back to silver. I like simple designs and chunky rings; I don't have much that's delicate or fancy. And if something is a bit unusual I'm drawn to it. I've built up a collection of rings over the years that I love and wear almost everyday (although not all at once) but I've recently added three new items into my rotation and I've been wearing them on a daily basis. The first is my solid silver spoon ring that I've hardly taken off since my parents bought it for me for my birthday last October. I've mentioned this ring before in it's own blog post here. Have a read of that for the background info on spoon rings, (yes an actual spoon!) the history is really interesting.

My most recent addition comes from Charlotte's Web, a jewellery and clothing online retailer who sell the most gorgeous rings! The company kindly sent me the Maharani Silver Spinning Ring which I've been wearing everyday either on my middle finger or thumb. Inside the package was a bit of info on spinning rings; in ancient traditions they were worn to help reduce tension and anxiety. The repetitive motion of playing with a spinning ring can help to relax and calm the mind. I'm the type of person that constantly plays with whatever jewellery I'm wearing anyway so I love the way in which these three skinny rings spin around the main ring. Have a nosey at my instagram feed to see it in action. I've become a bit obsessed with these rings and the Rajput ring with turquoise stones and pearls is high on my wish list. 

This bold feather ring below was a gift from my wonderful friends for my 21st birthday, if I remember correctly, and it's very me. They did well here because I wear this one all the time. Plus every time I look at it, it reminds me of my three besties and how well they must know me! If I want to wear a few rings or stack them up on one finger I'll opt for my plain bands in various thicknesses from Fashionology. One of my favourite places online to buy jewellery. As always, links are below!

Spoon Ring - Halo Spoon Rings | Spinning Ring* - Charlotte's Web | Charm Bracelet* - Pandora
Moon Ring & Plain Band Rings - Fashionology 



  1. they are so cute and add alot to our look, make is cutely busy..lol

  2. Nice nailpolish :)
    BLOG M&MFASHIONBITES : http://mmfashionbites.blogspot.gr/
    Maria V.

  3. i always stick to silver jewellery! i went through a time when i only wore gold but i have come to realise that silver suits my complexion soo much better, love the rings!


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