Tuesday, 8 March 2016

What I'm Wearing | For Cocktails

I've done it. I've finally found the perfect pair of black coated jeans. There was a lot of trial and error involved, many returns and disappointments, but H&M have pulled it out of the bag with these super skinny ones from the Conscious collection. I have a New Look pair that I have loved to death. Coated jeans (or waxed jeans) are the easiest item to dress up or down depending on the occasion. I think everyone needs a pair in their wardrobe! But I'm very particular about the way they fit and feel. I'm keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that this new pair last as well and for as long as my New Look ones have. When you need an outfit to wear out for cocktails at short notice, I turn to leather look jeans, a top and heels.

I wore my hand-embellished flower sweater. You can see how I made it and have a go at making your own here. And I have a new going out bag, a little boxy thing with a lavish tassel which fits all the must-carry items. The nail polish is by Ted Baker from a Christmas gift set and the liquid lipstick is the new Ultra HD Matte Lip Color by Revlon (there's a mini review at the end of this post).

Coated Jeans - H&M | Tassel Bag - H&M | Flower Sweater - DIY | Grey Flats* - Butterfly Twists 

And when your heels start to rub and your feet are on fire, it's time to pull the roll up flats out of your handbag! I've been loving the pointed 'Lucy' ballet pump* with its slate grey faux leather top and snake effect upper from Butterfly Twists. These are the most stylish roll up ballet pumps I've ever seen. Handy to pop into your bag to rescue your feet at the end of a night. But as they're so pretty I'll be wearing them all the time, not just in emergencies.

I managed to find the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color in Superdrug but only after the shop assistant unlocked the drawer under the makeup display to reveal a whole array of Ultra HD Lip Colours! They've been available in the States for a while but they haven't appeared in Boots yet. It's worth asking at your nearest Superdrug to see if they are hiding the new releases too. I treated myself to just one for now. This is 'Seduction' a nude with a slight coral tone. It's the perfect everyday wearable matte lipstick. It glides of really easily and most importantly doesn't feel heavy or drying on the lips! It's not a super matte formula. I'd say it's more of a semi-matte velvet texture but it's wonderful. It lasts well and once it starts to disappear it does so very naturally without creating weird patchy areas. A winner. I'd definitely buy a few more of these but they are pricey at £8.99 each.



  1. Love this outfit and the folded flats are super super chic unlike mine! I didn't realise they did ones that were actually really really stylish! x


    1. Thanks Kenzie, I didn't either I thought all fold up flats were pretty boring but I'm impressed with these! x

  2. I have two pairs of waxed jeans and neither are quite right, I need to try these ones on

    livinginaboxx | bloglovin

    1. It's really hit and miss with waxed jeans, but I'm really loving these ones - just hoping they wash and last well! x


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