Saturday, 26 March 2016

New Beauty | First Impressions

I've been lucky enough to acquire a few new beauty treats this month, some have been gifted pr samples and others I have purchased myself. As much as I love to read an in-depth beauty review, sometimes I just want to know what's out there and hear people's initial thoughts! That's what I'm doing today, a round up of new beauty bits I feel are worth mentioning and what I thought of them from day one...

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colour £8.99
I picked this up a few weeks ago when it wasn't even out on the shelves in Superdrug (always ask your shop attendant!) and I've been wearing it almost every other day. So far, I'm really impressed. I've already done a mini review on this one which you can read here. I'm still in love with the colour, perfect for daytime wear but also a classic nude lip to pair with a smokey eye.

Real Techniques Bold Metals Triangle Foundation Brush £22.00
A blogger's goody bag is a pretty good goody bag when it contains a Real Techniques brush! This foundation brush came from the MyBag event a few weeks ago and I was overjoyed to get to try it out as the bold metals collection from Real Techniques is pricier than their core range. So far I love how soft the bristles are and how comfortable it feels to hold the brush. I'm not one for using a traditional foundation brush, I find they can be streaky but this one has a triangular shape, it's not quite as flat. I've used this with only concealer so far and it's great for getting it in the area under the eyes and along your nose, creating that triangle shape that's become a popular way to highlight and bring brightness to your complexion.

Collection Speedy Highlighter 'Pearl Sheen' £3.99
This chubby stick highlighter came in the March Glossybox. I have another one of these fat stick highlighters and I find them really easy to apply and blend. This one didn't disappoint. It has a warm golden pearl sheen and you don't need much product to see it work its magic. In direct sunlight it's quite a shimmery one, so be careful where you apply it because no one needs a glittery chin.

Little Ondine Peel Off Nail Polish £8.40
Nail polish that's designed for you to peel off? Yes! It's a wonderful feeling when you can peel the polish of a nail all in one go but it only happens once in a while. These polishes from Little Odine are designed to be removed this way. They are also supposed to be kinder to your nails as they use natural ingredients and the polish is odour free. They kindly sent me the shade Red Red Wine and their base/top coat. Which I painted on in a ombre style see photo here! My nails dried really quickly, and it's true there are no harsh chemical smells. I found my manicure only lasted one day though as after catching the edges of my nails when out shopping, they all started to peel off. The fact it does peel away is really useful but I'm not sure this polish is for those of you who like a long-lasting manicure. Great for a weekend or night out perhaps if you have to take your nail polish off for work on Monday.

IKEA Kaitum Light Up Mirror £20.00
Not a beauty product as such but most certainly an essential beauty tool. This mirror is battery operated (so no trailing wires with yet another plug to find a socket for) and it's double sided with one side offering 3x magnification. I've wanted an affordable light-up mirror for ages and I'm telling myself my makeup will benefit greatly for having it. The ring light is not super duper bright. Which at first I was a tad disappointed with, but soon realised it would be painful to get so close to a very bright light and no one needs their eyes watering when you're trying to apply liner. It works a treat at evenly lighting the face. I can properly see my eyebrows for once, every single eyebrow! It's handy for taking around the house or even popping in an overnight bag as it's not too heavy.



  1. I didnt know revlon did those matte lip colours. I love RT brushes, I need to buy some of the metal brushes. They look gorgeous! X

  2. I have a mirror like this and I don't know what I did without it! It's so handy, especially for eyebrows!

    Shellie Skillen

    1. Can't believe I haven't had one sooner! x

  3. I looooove the little Ondine nail polishes. They're quite inconvenient if you want something that's long lasting but I get bored of my nail colours easily and plus I love the satisfaction from peeling it off

    YIGE a blog

    1. I can see they would be really handy for a one-day manicure but I think I'll always prefer nails that last for ages! I do love that they don't have a strong smell though! x

  4. im really into mattes so the revlon lip product looks like something id love! will give it a swatch next time im in superdrug

    xo Sarah

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