Sunday, 6 March 2016

Happy Mother's Day | & Giveaway

Happy Mother's Day everyone! In the UK it's that day in the calendar year where we all turn our attention to our favourite females and celebrate them for being the wonderful creatures they are! I'll be celebrating this Mother's Day at home with family and the best Mum in the world of course. But what Mother's Day would be complete without the following...

The lucky thing, this year Mum has a perfectly put-together Hotel Chocolat Sleekster* known as The Mother's Day Sleekster. It includes 27 of Hotel Chocolat's best sellers, with the Champagne Truffle and Cherry Deluxe being some of our favourites. Hotel Chocolat might be one of our favourite luxury chocolatiers and a big sleekster box such as this one always goes down well in our house, Mum is always willing to share her fancy chocolates, hooray! Get ready for Easter because I've already seen what Hotel Chocolat have available and it looks delicious!

Here is the DIY gift I made for Mum this year, which you might have spotted already on my instagram feed; a little fox papercut in a simple wooden frame that I painted a metallic copper colour.

A postbox surprise - it's a mini Mother's Day Cake* from Baker Days! They call them letterbox cakes because they can be sent in the post straight through your front door. A lovely surprise that beats a greetings card hands down. 5-inches of deliciousness, you get at least 4 portions or you could save the whole thing for yourself and eat an entire (mini) cake guilt free! I opted for the gluten-free sponge with vanilla buttercream and jam. Pictured here still in it's plastic wrap so ignore the speckled effect on top, I just wanted to keep it super fresh for Sunday. Shipping was really speedy and it came well packaged in a very cute round tin. You can personalise these cakes in a variety of ways, I used a photo of Mum from a trip last year.

Baker Days have kindly offered a giveaway for my readers and a chance to win a 5" letterbox cake of your own, with hundreds of designs and themes to choose from. Maybe there's a birthday coming up, or you'd just like to tell someone how much you love them - say it with cake! This giveaway is open to those of you in the UK and Ireland only. Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below and a winner will be announced on Sunday 13th March 2016. Good luck...

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  1. Your little fox papercut is brilliant.

  2. i love the fox papercut! going to see if i can make something like it but with a cat haha

    xo Sarah

    1. Thanks Sarah! I'm always cutting paper cats too :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Abigail, good luck in the giveaway!


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