Tuesday, 1 March 2016

5 Mother's Day DIYs

It's Mothering Sunday in the UK on the 6th March! And what better way to show your mum how much she means to you by giving her a home-made gift? I've rounded up my 5 favourite DIY tutorials that I think will make wonderful presents for all the mothers out there. Most of the following projects will only take an afternoon or so to complete. Others might take a few days, so get your craft glue and fabric paints ready...

Pressed & Framed Flowers
Get out into the garden or explore the countryside and pick a few wild flowers to press, dry and frame. This tutorial shows you how to make a triptych of 3 little white frames but you could combine all your mum's favourite flowers into one larger picture. They'll last much longer than a bouquet!

Custom Stamp Cushions
If your mum's living room or bedroom needs brightening up, some customised, hand-stamped cushions can do the trick. Buy some plain cushion covers and inserts, and use fabric paints to create your own design. In this tutorial I explain how to make your own foam stamps, it's really easy!

Notebooks or sketchbooks always make beautiful gifts. And even better if they've been hand-crafted! Leave your notebooks blank for mum to fill full of her shopping lists or doodles, or fill yours with favourite family photographs or memories. Here's the tutorial, it will only take you an afternoon!

Giant Paper Flowers
Tissue paper flowers will last much longer than the real thing! I've made giant flowers for an oversized bouquet before but these look just as sweet as smaller flowers to decorate a present. The possibilities are endless, follow the tutorial to see how it's done.

Embellished Jumper
And finally, if your mum is more interested in fashion than stationary, a hand-embellished sweatshirt or top would make a beautiful gift on Mother's Day. Shop for appliques and a plain jumper and get sewing. Here's how I made this one. You'll be so envious you'll have to make one for yourself too!
If you liked these DIYs, check out the DIY archive for lots more crafty tutorials and gift ideas.



  1. I'm gonna try that Handmade Notebooks for mom! ❤️


    1. Good luck with them! They're really easy to make and look beautiful x

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  3. the pressed flowers are an absolutely beautiful idea! really like the handmade notebooks too :)

    xo Sarah

    1. Thanks Sarah, I love pressing flowers - (and they last so much longer than fresh ones) x

  4. As creative as she is,my mother would definitely appreciate those gorgeous giant paper flowers. This post did help a lot when deciding my mom's mother's day gift. Good job! Cheers!

    Beth Hughes | Office & domestic cleaning professional

    1. Thank you Beth, glad it was of help! x


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