Tuesday, 22 December 2015

How To | Get Organised for 2016

I'm a big fan of fresh starts, new ideas, planning and organising. You don't need to wait for a new calendar year to make changes, but the hype around New Year certainly helps you think about resolutions and goals to achieve. I've written several 'how to' blog posts on getting yourself organised so here's a round up of my favourites and those that might just help in the lead up to 2016...


How to Spring Clean if You're Lazy
Even if you hate cleaning and tidying my tips will help you get your living space tidy and organised for the new year. Start 2016 with a clear desk and a clear mind. Read more here.

7 Ways to Improve Your Morning
I'm not a morning person and I'm not very good at looking after myself with enough sleep. It's one of my goals for next year to improve my sleeping hours so I can wake up happier. Read more here.

My Daily Planner Setup
You don't use a planner yet? Why not! It's one of the best ways to stay organised with work and/or your personal life. Read my post all about creating a planner system and see if it works for you in 2016!

How to Get Stuff Done with a Bullet Journal
The bullet journal system is really easy to get to grips with and handy for those of you who like making lists. Instead of loosing scraps of paper or drowning in post-it notes you can compile everything you need into one neat notebook. It's inexpensive and works a treat! Read more here.


How I Plan Blog Posts with a Calendar
If you're looking for a way to plan your blog posts month by month, this post on using post-its on a two page calendar might help. I even colour coded the posts by topic. Read more here.

How to Plan One Year of Blog Posts in Advance
And if you really fancy setting yourself a challenge for 2016 - why not try planning a year's worth of blog posts in just one day! I really enjoyed doing this throughout 2014 and would definitley consider it again for next year. Read more here.

Keep your eyes on This Fashion is Mine for more 'New Year' themed blog posts coming soon...



  1. nice post

  2. nice post dear. i would love organize myself but i just cant. this helps me especially the planner

  3. Your photos always inspire me and I do really need to start organising myself especially as we are getting into the new year...xx
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  4. I love your post, it's fantastic.
    Kisses and Merry Cristhmas :)


  5. Great post! Planning blog posts in advance is a great idea, I always forget to blog about Christmas, Valentine's, etc. until it's too late. I'll definitely be trying out a calendar app to keep on track of it, so thanks for the tip!
    Poppy | http://poppyallanorma.com

  6. before university, i used to be such a morning person but that has now all changed :( going to try your 7 tips and see if they work




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