Monday, 16 November 2015

Compress Your Bag for Winter!

I'm a carry-everything-but-the-kitchen-sink kind of person and slimming down my handbag was never going to be easy. But when Sure challenged me to 'compress my clutch' to celebrate the release of their smaller and handbag friendly compressed antiperspirant, I was keen to give it a go!

I am cheating a little... I'm using a small bag instead of a clutch but I hope you'll forgive me because this Primark steal is my favourite everyday bag to use when I don't need to carry quite so much around. It has sneaky zipped pockets on the outside and inside and a soft faux leather exterior. I think it was only £6! So what exactly is in my bag at this time of year and how have I managed to carry only the essentials?

It's getting colder. Heavy coats and scarves are a must, but heavy bags are hard work. Along side the usual purse, keys and phone I'll be popping a can of Sure Compressed in 'Shower Fresh' into my bag, which smells incredible, does exactly what it says it will by keeping you dry and fresh all day long, and the compressed can (125ml) lasts just as long as the big cans (250ml)! My lips tend to be at their driest around now, when I'm not used to the bitter winds or central heating, so I need a lip balm that's going to keep them soft and protected. I still love my Maybelline Baby Lips but any long lasting lip balm is a winter handbag essential.

A slim diary such as this one from Wilko is much easier to work with than a chunky filofax. I tend to keep all appointments on my phone these days but I like to have a paper diary on hand for looking at dates ahead and using the notes section at the back. I've thrown some soft hair bands in there for when the wind picks up and I desperately need to tie my hair back. Or this cashmere beanie keeps my ears toasty (and useful for a bad hair day). Finally, don't forget your bag for life! It's important I have at least one canvas tote bag folded up for those unplanned shopping trips.

On a side note, although this post was sponsored by Sure, I am super impressed with their motion sense antiperspirant which I've been using every single day for over a week and have not once been sweaty or smelly! Even after a full energetic day at work. I'd never want to endorse a product I didn't love myself and I am certainly going to be purchasing this again once I've finished the can!

What essentials are inside your winter bag? Are you prepared to take on the challenge and compress your clutch too!?


*this post was sponsored


  1. Lovely post! I'm also one that carries literally everything around!
    I'd love to do this challenge on my blog.
    And as its winter, my essentials are definitely hand cream and lip balm!

    Hope you could check out and comment on my blog too...
    Miss Joy


  2. Lovely. I am afraid that you are not the only one 'carry-everything-but-the-kitchen-sink' type of person lol. Would definitely try to use is and see if it is going to work. Thank you!

    Ilford , London


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