Sunday, 13 September 2015

A Sunday Night In

You've had a busy week and an even busier Friday or Saturday night out; so now that it's Sunday, it's time to relax. I often work on weekends but I still make time for pampering. So here are some my favourite ways to enjoy a Sunday night at home...

Have a Magazine Catch Up
I'm really rubbish at sitting down and reading magazines. I have three different titles delivered to my door every month c/o They go into my 'to read' pile and slowly build up. You can't multi task whilst reading a magazine so I can't help but sometimes think it's a waste of leisure time. (I'm usually multi tasking even when I don't need to be). But a Sunday evening is the perfect excuse to sit and be lazy for an hour or so!

Soak in a Bath
It's not a Sunday unless I can soak in a hot bath and read a book (or magazine, see above). Now is the time to try out new products, use up those that are running low or go wild and throw in an entire bath bomb. After a bath I've been slathering on 'My Coconut Island'* body lotion from TreacleMoon which smells like sweet coconut macaroons and doesn't leave my skin greasy so I can't get straight into pjs!  

Hair & Skin Care Treatments
Treat yourself to a mini facial and add a few more indulgent steps into your usual cleanse-and-moisturise routine. I'm looking forward to trying this Maria Nila luminous colour deep conditioning hair masque tonight which came in September's 'Style Edition' Glossy Box*.

Treat your Nails
After all the hair treatments and skin scrubbing, don't forget about your nails! On Sunday's I like to do a quick mini manicure and remove any polish that's been sitting there all week, letting my nails breathe. Giving them a buff and a trim helps to keep them healthy too.

Take Chocolate Seriously
Once in a while it's a very good idea to treat yourself and your friends/family to some luxury chocolates. This box is 'The Everything Sleekster Selection'* from Hotel Chocolat and contains 27 of their best selling chocolates. You have to try Hotel Chocolat, absolutely nothing compares! They make seriously extravagant chocolates with the most wonderful flavours.

Grab the Headphones
I've downloaded a few new albums recently after realising my iPod hasn't been updated since last year! One being 'English Graffiti' by The Vaccines. I've been a fan since the beginning and their latest album doesn't disappoint. As well as the big hit singles I'm a little bit obsessed with the song 'Denial' which is catchy, so let this be a warning. Also quite excited for Lana Del Ray's new album 'Honeymoon' that's due to be released on the 18th.

Settle in for a Netflix Binge
Watching multiple episodes of your favourite series one after another is perfectly forgivable on a Sunday. Once you're hooked it's difficult to not finish an entire season in one go, and Netflix has that habit of auto-starting the next episode for you! Whoops...

How do you spend your Sunday evenings? Let me know in the comments if you're getting up to anything exciting or just staying at home in your pjs!



  1. All of my favourite Sunday things are listed here!! My fave is taking a good bath x


  2. I have hundreds of unread magazines! I wish I could spend all day getting through them but I always get distracted by great blog posts (like yours!)

  3. Soaking in the bath and watching netflix is my favourite Sunday activites! Love this post!

  4. I feel the same about magazinSee, I've given up buying them. Need to get new albums too I love the vaccines but not heard theirs yet
    livinginaboxx | bloglovin

  5. I absolutely live for relaxing sundays! currently, my routine includes skincare and bath however i may have to rethink the bath once i move to uni... maybe i should start giving my nails a little more tlc?


  6. Oh my gosh, Gwen! Where I can find this chocolate box? I am suffering after I saw this pictures! :)


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  8. I like these chocolate cookies, you look really urbanistic. It take you to the centre of New York :)
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