Friday, 21 August 2015

How To | Plan Your Blog Posts

After the post I did on 'My Planner' I promised round two, all about the blog calendar pages that feature inside. I briefly mentioned my blog calendar; it's a analogue way for me to keep track of when my posts go live and schedule upcoming ideas! If you're a blogger who works with brands or likes to post seasonal appropriate content then using a calendar to organise your blog can be really useful.

I used to use Google calendar (and still do now and again) for my blogging schedule. You can read more on how to use an online calendar for blog planning here. But every since stepping into the planner world, I've been obsessed with using my A5 binder for everything, and that includes This Fashion is Mine. I made my own monthly calendar pages on Photoshop, starting with a simple table. You can download my basic calendar template for A5 pages here and fill in the dates and month as you go along either by hand or through Photoshop. Feel free to jazz up the calendar pages as much as you like, but because I like to use sticky notes everywhere, I choose not to decorate my calendar pages.

My calendar works as follows; a post idea gets taken from the 'blog post idea bank'* and put into the calendar on a sticky note. I can move it around. I can see how it sits with the rest of my content. For example, I don't want to post two beauty related articles back-to-back, and the calendar helps me clearly see what I've already done and plan for the future. Once a blog post goes live on This Fashion is Mine the temporary sticky note is thrown away and I use a pen to write it down permanently.

I sometimes have posts that need to go live by a certain date so I make sure they fit into my schedule, and if needs be, push other things back. I have a notes column down the right hand side for extras, such as info that needs to go into a blog post, or a list of any brands I'm working with that month. It works for me as a 'part-time' blogger posting around twice a week.

*blog post idea bank - this could be a notebook, or monthly 'to-blog' list. Whatever you use to keep track of post ideas!

I've just started colour coding my calendar. If you have particular topics that you always blog about (e.g. fashion, beauty, craft, lifestyle, how to, etc) assign them each a colour! This trick really helps you to see how your posts pan out throughout the month. At the moment I'm posting approximately twice a week but if you're a very frequent blogger posting every day, then a weekly calendar might work well for you. I don't include too much detail on my calendar, but if you wanted to, you could even track page views or mark off social media tasks to do with each post.

Here's a close up of the calendar pages. I have the days of the week running horizontally across two pages and boxes for each date of the month which I can fill with ideas until the post goes live. It might look quite messy and confusing right now, but keep in mind I remove these flag sticky notes once a post is complete and by the end of the month I have clutter free pages.

If you'd like to read more posts about how I stay organised and plan content for This Fashion is Mine please check out the Blogging Tips page.



  1. I love this!!! I actually just purchased a planner, so this post came at the perfect time:)
    Grace Anne

    1. Thank you Grace, I hope you get as obsessed with planners as I am! x

  2. I love your planner! The sticky notes idea is such a good one too as I am constantly crossing things out in my diary when I change my mind on when I want to publish a certain post!

    Shannon xx

    1. Thanks Shannon, I'm the same, I always change my mind and have to rearrange stuff, so the sticky notes solve all my problems! Haha x

  3. OOhh this was a good read - I'm trying work out how I want to use my planner so bookmarking this for reference!

    Fii | little miss fii

    1. Thank you Fii, good luck with your planner, I'm always changing mine around, there are just so many ideas out there I want to incorporate! x

  4. You are so organised I am ridiculously impressed! I just keep a word file with ideas that I try and divide into months!

  5. i'm a sucker for organisation things like this so i absolutely loved this post. i was so glad to see it on my dash too as i've been thinking about getting back into blogging again. however, one of my worries has always been balancing time so this has honestly been really helpful! i can't say thanks enough!

    xo Sarah

  6. I love color organizing and I love how you organize yours.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  7. I love those planner pages - thanks for sharing! I try and be organised with blogging but definitely could be more so. Once the new uni semester starts I'm hoping to be the most organized I have ever been when it comes to blogging, societies and coursework!

    Rachael at

  8. This little planner is fab, I really should be more organised something like this would maybe help
    livinginaboxx | bloglovin

  9. The diary has changed my blogging for the better! I'll definitely invest in sticky notes too! My diary easily clutters with rearranging go live dates for posts all the time!


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