Friday, 14 August 2015

DIY Delicate Anklet

A DIY! It's been too long. This one is really simple to ease you all (and myself) back into it. I haven't been inspired to blog about any creative do-it-yourself things for a while, but after searching the internet for a subtle-but-sweet ankle chain, and having not much luck, I decided to make my own.

Anklets are probably a 'love it' or 'loathe it' item. I personally change my mind a lot on ankle jewellery. When seen on other people I think it can look so charming and classy, but I always wimp out and think anklets would look a bit awkward on me. Plus the name 'anklet' feels so silly. So when I was browsing Pinterest one night and came across this image, I changed my mind and knew I had to have one to wear with my chunky peep-toe sandals. Turns out, they're not just for the beach!

Length of chain (or re-purpose an old necklace)
Pliers (I like to use two pairs)
Little Charm
Fastening Clasp

#1. Hold a length of chain firmly around your ankle to measure how long it should be.
(Once we have added the fastener the chain will be longer and sit comfortably around your ankle)
#2. Use pliers to separate the right length from your chain, keep any links you take out.
#3. Add your clasp fastening, remember to close all the links you open.
#4. Check again that the anklet fits. You may decide to remove links or add a few back in.
#5. Pop your chosen charm to the middle of the chain with a spare link.
#6. Wear your new piece of jewellery!

It's a great way to re-use a necklace you no longer wear or a bracelet that's too big. You don't even need to go out and buy materials for this one, just pull apart old jewellery. I have a box full of little charms and chains I've saved over the years. That's where I found this silver circle charm. Next on my list is to make one in rose gold.

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  1. Very nice!:) xx

  2. This is gorgeous, what a lovely idea xx

    Ioanna |

  3. Great idea and love the heels! x

    Natalia -

  4. This is such a stunning piece! I absolutely adore those heels, too. x

  5. Looks great with your sandals!


  6. This is so pretty! I love anklets, and this one goes so well with your sandals :) X

    A Blonde Moment

  7. This is so cute, love ankle bracelets! X

  8. This is so cute, love ankle bracelets! X

  9. So nice! I love the shoes too :) xx


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