Saturday, 25 July 2015

Rose Gold & Copper Delights

I've been wearing these three pieces on my wrist together and separately, almost everyday. I don't own much rose gold jewellery, but after building my collection to just these three items, I can see why so many people choose rose gold over anything else...

This copper bangle is from Trollbeads who make beautiful 'build-your-own' style jewellery. They kindly asked me if I'd like to design my own bracelet and I opted for this simple copper bangle with the bead 'Honey Dew' between two copper stoppers. It's such a classic design it goes well with any outfit. With a easy white shirt and jeans this is the only piece of jewellery I need. The whole process of choosing what bead/s to add to the bangle is really wonderful, Trollbeads have so many to choose from, you could easily spend a few hours browsing their site. Copper bracelets are thought to have medicinal benefits, for joint stiffness or pain. Which whether true or not, it can do no harm to wear one, especially if it looks like this!

Never has a friendship bracelet looked so glamorous. I think you'd have to be a really amazing friend to be given this luxury Links of London bracelet. It's easy to wear and looks great day or night, layered up with lots of bracelets for a festival vibe, or left on it's own for a classy and understated look.

I love everything about my Daniel Wellington St Mawes watch. I blog about DW regularly! This is the men's version, so the face is slightly bigger but that's how I like my watches. The rose gold surround makes it the perfect companion for my copper and rose gold bracelets.



  1. I love that bangle!! I'm currently having a look at Trollbeads myself. I love how simplistic it is, but super duper chic - It looks much more expensive than it actually is too :-)

  2. Your watch is just gorgeous! I am in love.

    Rachael at

  3. I really love this combination!

  4. Wow! They look so good together!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination
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  5. Daniel Wellinton watches are just so stunning! I have wanted one for so long. x

  6. Love the DW watch it's so beautiful.

    Check out my latest post <3

  7. That watch is absolutely gorgeous! X

  8. That watch is absolutely gorgeous! X


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