Sunday, 21 June 2015

Lots of Lovely Things

It's Sunday and time for a round up of all the things I've been loving recently - when this sort of stuff won't fit into any other blog post, I'm going to pull it all together and share my favourites with you here.


Gel Nails at Home

...or at a friend's home!
One of my besties has a Sensationail kit and has kindly been supplying me with gel manicures. I'm not a big fan of false nails because they do so much damage to my own, but I do love nails that last. So gel polish is a great alternative. There's minimal damage to my natural nails especially if I remove the gel carefully. I've found using the Sensationail set my manicure can last for up to 2 weeks (and that's without being very careful) and Nina's expert application helps a lot too!

Life Planner 

You may have seen my recent blog posts all about finding a planner that works for me. By using Simple Stories and Project Life inserts in a 6x8 binder, I've been able to put all my to-do lists, calendar appointments and notes into one place. Click to read more about my planner setup and how I've been using the bullet journal system. My planner has definitely been one of my favourites this month and I keep adding to it and finding new uses for the pages too.

Rose Gold

I don't own very much rose gold jewellery. It's been having its time in the spotlight the past couple of years but I've always been more of a silver jewellery type. That said, after choosing the Daniel Wellington Classic St Mawes in rose gold I've been enjoying pairing it with other rose gold items such as this friendship bracelet from Links of London in rose gold and taupe. I have a 15% discount code for Daniel Wellington up until the 15th July, just use 'thisfashionismine'

Game of Thrones

I can't believe this season is over. I've waited a whole year for season 5 and it has flashed by so quickly! Don't worry I won't be giving anything away for those of you who haven't seen it or caught up yet but it was another fantastic season and well worth watching. We only have to wait until 2016 for more. What am I going to do on Monday nights now? 


Josh and I are obsessed with Homeland. We realise almost everyone else has seen it already, but better late than never right? We've just started season 3 - no spoilers please! There's lots of action and character development in every episode - it moves quickly and stuff actually happens. Unlike other American dramas it had me hooked after episode one. Very easy to watch and addictive.

iPhone Wallpapers

Pinterest has been my favourite place to find beautiful images when I'm bored of my iPhone and iPad backgrounds. I saw some lovely designs via Becky from Milk Bubble Tea's blog post and downloaded a few of her faves as well as searching Pinterest for even more. I've been switching between these summery fruit and floral wallpapers and cheesy but fun quotes. 

Amy Poehler 'Yes Please'

Here's the book everyone was talking about months ago - Amy Poehler's autobiographical 'Yes Please'. I'm a big Amy Poehler and Parks & Rec fan so I was looking forward to reading this. I'm planning on writing a full book review soon so I'll save my thoughts for that blog post, but in summary, it's very funny, honest and relatable.



  1. That nail colour is gorgeous, love the watch too! X

  2. That nail colour is gorgeous, love the watch too! X

  3. I know what you mean about Game of Thrones! It was over so fast! I've got to fill the void with all the other shows I watch. I only just bought myself a rose gold watch too. Rose Gold & black.
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

  4. The iPhone backgrounds you chose are so cute! I love the "let's do something wonderful" one! Definitely will be surfing through pinterest for some others(: xo

  5. Love those wallpapers for your phone. Need to give my phone a bit of a makeover ... off to add that to my ever-increasing to-do list!

  6. Daniel Wellington watches are so lovely! I actually received one the other day and I'm obsessed with it!
    Rachel Coco

  7. I've been doing my own gel nails for a few years now, couldn't go back to normal nail polish it's great
    livinginaboxx | bloglovin

  8. Great post, the rose gold watch is absolutely beautiful and I cannot wait to read Yes Please! I have such a huge stack of books I need to get through.
    Check out my MAC Lipliner x3 giveaway!


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