Saturday, 27 June 2015

Bright Running Shoes | Fitness & Fashion

If money was infinite I'd have a gigantic collection of running shoes in all different colours, from girly pinks and turquoises to practical black and grey. I love trainers/sneakers and finding ways to style them with regular clothes as well as wearing them for their intended fitness purposes.
Let's be honest, I don't actually go to the gym. But I have started playing netball again every week and I get out walking and exploring when I can - especially if I have new shoes to do it in.

These New Balance running shoes* are from They're a super bright pinky/orange colour and have touches of lime green and grey. These are listed online as a supportive shoe which is great for me and my average arched feet. They are surprisingly light-weight considering they're which is perfect, who wants to feel weighed down when running about?

For Fitness

A pair of dry fit sports leggings (these USA Pro ones have a zip pocket in the back for keeping a key inside) a loose fitting tshirt, sports bra and of course - a pair of brightly coloured running shoes. This would be my go-to netball outfit. For long walks or treks through the countryside, I'll choose anything I can move around in!

For Fashion

Skinny jeans and neutral colours let bold shoes make a statement and slimmer fitting jeans balance the boyish style that trainers can offer. I'm yet to master the art of wearing running shoes with a dress but I've seen other people do it so well. Bright and bold shoes make the best accessory to an all-black outfit too. 



  1. I love those shoes - absolutely fab!

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  2. Those shoes are a gorgeous bright colour! Love how you've shown that they can actually be worn for fitness and as fashion!

    Courtney |

  3. Love the bright colors of these sneakers! When you have fun sneakers and work out clothes I think it definitely motivates you more to be active(: xo

  4. I've actually been wanting to buy some new sports wear as all I've got for sports are some old leggings, some tanks that have seen better days if I'm honest.. So yeah, forgot about USA Pro as all I've been looking at are Nike and Adidas

  5. I love bright fitness gear, so much more fun than black and dies inspire you more
    livinginaboxx | bloglovin

  6. Love New Balance. Yours are very cute!
    Bethany from Harrow


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