Wednesday, 24 June 2015

8 Best Buys from IKEA

Ahh IKEA. I love their stuff. I own a lot of their stuff. And a trip to IKEA is usually a happy one, especially if I come away with new things and meatballs were involved. So I'm pleased to share with you some of my all time favourite purchases - the best of the best - the crème de la crème. Hopefully this will save you some time on your next shopping trip, everyone needs the following eight items in their home...


I use my white glossy LACK table for product photography and blog photos, as an additional surface at my desk (handy for putting the printer on) and as a table to craft on or wrap presents. Because it's short it's easy to store away under things. It only takes 5 minutes to put together too!

from 80p

There are many glass jars to choose from at IKEA in all different sizes and shapes. Some have these air tight seals and others just a lift off lid. I tend to buy one or two every time I visit and use them to store beauty bits, crafty bits or hold candles.


I have two of these! One is a fixed blue colour and the other gently changes colour. You can find them in the children's lighting department, but I think they're lovely little bedside lights for adults too!

from 95p

I swear by IKEA candles. They are cheap, smell great, burn for ages and come in unmarked glass jars which can be re-used as storage pots once you've burnt all the wax. I always stock up every time I'm at IKEA and it's exciting when they have a new scent!

from 65p

I've been quite impressed with the quality of IKEA faux flowers. Some are better and more realistic than others, but I've never found cheaper faux flowers so it's well worth a look. I'm tempted to buy more every time I visit.


If you're moving into your first home or find yourself wanting to redecorate a space, having a tool kit is quite essential. Don't rely on the boys! I'm always putting new picture frames up at work or needing a screwdriver for this or that. This tool set is so cheap and it has everything you need. The pliers come in handy for crafting or when I have a piece of jewellery that breaks. 


I've had my Lykta table lamp in white for many, many years. It still works beautifully, I use it every single night. It's not so bright it's harsh to look at, but still bright enough to read books by.

from £2.25

As a photographer I recommend IKEA picture frames to my clients all the time. I use them myself in the studio, and at home for my own pictures. They are very affordable, strong and most come with mounts included (which can be removed if you prefer) and picture wire. 


What are your all time favourite purchases from IKEA? Are there any items you always pop in to your basket when you shop there? I have a growing obsession with 'IKEA hacks' on Pinterest where people take regular IKEA furniture and turn it into something wonderful. So that may be a post for the future when I get around to trying some things out!

*This was not a sponsored post. I just love IKEA.



  1. I really like those ghost lights, they're so quirky and that's what i like about them! I've heard good things about IKEA photo frames, they're just really nice.
    I've never actually been to IKEA so it's nice to see what they have to offer!

    Courtney |

  2. I love all the jars too! However my favourite IKEA purchase was my room divider which they have in alternating sizes. IKEA is just too cute!x


  3. The tool set looks like it contains a lot of DIY options for such a cheap price, need to get me one of these. Also who can leave IKEA without a candle or 3!

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

  4. I cannot believe that the table is only 10 pounds! I've recently moved back home from uni so I haven't got my nice white desk to take pictures on anymore! Definitely about to go and look at my room to see where I can put it haha
    cottonandcandie xx

  5. Fake flowers are a must and the side table looks really handy - I love white furniture I think it helps keep the room bright! :)

  6. I have so much of this stuff! The table, tool kit, fake flowers... all good buys that i bought for my University house! Great recommendations - we have such good IKEA taste!

    Check out my MAC Lipliner x3 giveaway!

  7. I seriously need to pick up that table. I have been looking at it for ages and just need to actually pick it up!

    Rachael at

  8. The Lack tables and Ribba Frames are the best from this bunch! I also really love the Bekvam spice racks and the Malm Chest of Drawers x

  9. Lovely blog post dear, I love Ikea it's the go to store here in the Netherlands!

  10. Oh my dear! In Spain we go very often to Ikea. I have at home a LYKTA Table Lamp in green because of my bedroom i dressed in this colour, my son has a SPÖKA Ghost Light and we have a thin Ribba rack pictures in my narrow hall.

  11. I love IKEA, never come away empty handed!

    Alison At Home!

  12. The kittens are adorable! Like this post, I've found some really nice home decorations.

  13. Great post, I'm totally with you on the Korken and the Lack!
    Poppy |


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