Friday, 29 May 2015

Cutting Your Hair Extensions

I have an old set of inexpensive hair extensions that still match fairly well with my mix of medium and dark blonde. I bought them from eBay about 2-3 years ago to add length and volume. They're real human hair and they've been worn, loved and washed many times. But for the past year or so they've been sitting in a box unused. I had my hair cut short and all one length in 2014 and it's hovered between shoulder length and 'above-boob' length ever since. I'm really enjoying it choppy and blunt with zero layers. It feels thicker, and when I style it in the right way it looks bigger too!

But once in a while I fancy something a bit special, and I thought the best way to get use out of my old hair extensions would be to chop them (a little) and make them far more blend-able. It can seem a bit scary to cut your own hair extensions and if you have particularly pricey ones I'd recommend taking them to a hairdressers and they will do the hard work for you. But mine were quite cheap, and I was ready to take the risk. It was actually very easy to do and now, they don't add much length (they are about 2 inches longer than my own hair) but they do add volume and are perfect for a night out.

I put all the wefts into my hair, in the order and placement I find works best for me. (6 wefts in total) Pulled all my hair to the front with equal amounts on each shoulder. I used small fabric scissors as they were the sharpest I had but of course, if you have hairdressing scissors, use those. And looking ahead in a mirror I cut the extensions straight across about 3 inches longer than my own hair. I wanted blunt, choppy ends to match my own hair, making them easier to blend and blunt ends mean thicker looking ends. After taking off the length I pointed the scissors upwards to the sky and snipped teeny amounts from the ends of the extensions. This softens the choppy tips and makes them look more natural. You can hold the hair between two fingers to make sure you don't snip away too much.

They are much more wearable for me now, and I still have room to grow out my own hair a few inches and still be able to wear the extensions for volume. I won't be wearing these everyday but looking at the before and after photos makes me realise what a difference they make! I hope this encouraged some of you to take the plunge and pull out those hair extensions that are sitting in their box.



  1. They looI really fab chicka you di such I great job. I have such thin hair I should try this

  2. nice

  3. This looks really rad, you did a good job.
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination


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