Thursday, 26 March 2015

How to Spring Clean if You're Lazy

Every so often I'll feel a need to clear out my wardrobe or tidy my desk but it's a rare occasion when I decide I need a complete room overhaul. I'm lazy when it comes to keeping things dust free and tidy, I'll let the "organised" mess pile up around me. Then I'll be so sick of looking at it, I'll go on such a mad cleaning spree I'll be ready to throw out all my old furniture and spend a fortune in IKEA. This happened to me a few weeks ago and I thought I'd get in early with my mega spring-clean this year, but this time I came up with a system that really works. And it could work for you too! This is how to spring clean if you're lazy (like me)...

Compile a List

Write down everything you want to change in one room. Do those drawers need a proper clear out? Is your makeup storage driving you insane? Maybe you just need to dust and polish every surface? Get it all down in a huge list that may seem daunting to look at, but once you start ticking off the tasks and realise how easy it is, you'll start feeling better about the whole situation. I use the Wunderlist app which makes a very satisfying 'ping' sound every time you complete something.

Do a Little Each Day

The mistake I repeatedly make is to expect it all to be done immediately. If I'm in the right frame of mind to clean, I want it all finished and perfected by the time I go to bed that night. In reality, this is impossible. You'll never complete a thorough spring-clean if you try to pack it all in to one day. Spread out the tasks. I spent 10 days working on my bedroom. I did one little job each day, but I did that job really, really well.

For example, I have a set of five deep storage drawers full of craft supplies, cables, stationary, and anything else I'd thrown in there which desperately needed sorting out. That task alone took me all day. I removed every drawer from it's frame, emptied the contents on to the floor and sorted things into piles of 'throw away', 'keep' and 'give to charity'. At the end of the day I felt very satisfied with my neat and tidy storage drawers.

Set yourself a new job each day and focus all your energy on that small thing. It will take longer and yes it is easier to just shove things under the bed, but eventually you will have a super organised space (which ultimately means you shouldn't have to do another spring-clean for quite some time!)

Buy Something New

As sad as it is, having something new encourages me to clean and tidy. I want that new item to be fully appreciated in all its new glory. There's no need to go crazy with the credit card but a few purchases (from IKEA usually) will help even the laziest person feel inspired to spring-clean. I donated my old cheap makeup storage drawers to my dad for his diy tools and invested in some acrylic fancy ones which made me feel ever so excited to organise my makeup!

Re-Purpose Old Items

This is a cheaper way to achieve the same feeling as stated above. One of my favourite easy ones is to use candle jars as storage pots. Candles come in lots of different sizes and shapes - once you're finished with the candle, poor hot water into the jar and leave overnight to loosen the leftover wax. In the morning you should see the wax floating on top of the water. You might need to do this a few times to get all the wax out. I use candle jars to hold things such as hair bands, grips, lip balms and jewellery.


My only issue now is staying motivated to keep up with it all! Best of luck with your all your spring-cleaning this March! Is anyone planning on a complete room makeover too? I'd be interested to hear your top tips when it comes to tidying and organising...



  1. Loved this post; simple things like new storage always encourages me to have a bit of a clean up!

    Heather, porcelainbeautyx

  2. I tend to do my spring cleaning in the middle of the season. Because I've got new things in my wardrobe especially, I sort out the entire wardrobe by checking out and trying on every single thing in my wardrobe. I get rid of the things that I don't want or won't ever wear again, and find things that I forgot about! It takes me well over 6 hours to do, but it's so refreshing! Also re organizing everything properly is also really a good feeling x

  3. I really loved this post and those are great tips!

    I'm the kind of person that tries to get everything done in one day... I end up exhausted, but I somehow manage to do it in that period of time. This time, I'll try do it step by step.

    I can't wait to get my cleaning started! I always feel good after re-organizing my bedroom :)

    The Journeys of a Girl

  4. Breathtaking! Like this post a lot!
    Can’t wait for the new one!

    Diana Cloudlet

  5. I'm working on getting my gears up to tidying! It's a lot of work, but it'll be worth it to have a work area. Great tips! (:


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