Thursday, 12 February 2015

9 Last Minute Affordable Valentine's Day Gifts

So it's Valentine's Day this Saturday. And you've yet to think about what present you'll buy for that special someone. Maybe you've agreed to not spend much money (or any money) this year. Don't panic - today I'm putting together my favourite quick ideas for Valentine's gifts that you still have time to do. They're also really affordable. If you're single, why not give a fellow single friend a gift this year? If you hate the whole idea of Valentine's Day then treat yourself! You may as well make the most out of this holiday!

1. Date Nights in a Jar

This is a DIY idea that I've seen all over Pinterest. You note down as many 'date night' ideas as you can think of on pieces of paper, fold them up and pop them inside a jar. Decorate the jar with a ribbon or write your dates on colourful paper to jazz things up a bit. You could choose inexpensive or free dates (such as a Netflix marathon) and pop in some ideas you've always wanted to try (such as go-karting.) You and your other half can pick out a date idea every so often so you're never stuck for interesting ideas. It's the gift that keeps on giving all year.

2. Bake a Treat

I love baking and Josh is always keen for me to bake for him more often but I struggle to find the time/energy these days. Even if you're not a whizz in the kitchen anyone can knock up some Rocky Road bars! You need chocolate to melt, crushed biscuits and mini marshmallows (you don't even need an oven so technically these are a cheat-bake.) My favourite recipe to follow is this one.

3. Frame a Memory

An old classic. Still a sweet present. You could frame one of your most flattering photographs together (or a really silly photo instead) and edit your image to perfection using free online editing websites such as PicMonkey first. Or choose a souvenir from a recent trip or event that meant a lot and frame that! It could be a concert ticket, cinema stubs, postcard, flyer, album cover or anything at all that holds a lot of good memories for you both. I like using deep box frames that are so popular at the moment and framing an object with lots of white space to really give it some importance.

4. Burn a CD

Of music, photographs, videos, a mix of all three? Maybe a collection of all the things you did together during 2014 since the last Valentine's Day? Steal their Instagram photos and use your own. Download favourite tweets or Facebook statuses. You can go as romantic and cheesy as you like, a digital memory box! Check out my easy DIY heart-print sleeve design to hold your CD.

5. Mini Food Hamper

You can make up a hamper of their favourite chocolate, sweets, or even pull together the ingredients of your favourite meal to cook together. Dress up a cardboard box (paint it, use wrapping paper, add ribbon, cellophane wrap, tissue paper and confetti inside) and fill it full of their favourite things. 

6. Photo Magnets

I made these back in August with some magnetic printer paper I found in a Home Bargains craft section for just 99p. Have a look at my DIY, they're so easy to make! Choose your favourite instagram photos and make square magnets or go for extra mini teeny magnets and make loads more!

7. Paper Flowers

Flowers on Valentine's Day can be so expensive. If you want something that's going to last longer try making your own from tissue paper! A bunch of hand-made paper flowers would make a beautiful present that will last for years and years to come. You could even put small individual flowers into glass jars or empty wine bottles. This tutorial is for huge paper flowers but just start with smaller pieces of tissue paper, the technique is exactly the same.

8. Valentine's Treasure Hunt

Post-it notes all around the house! Each one holds a clue as to where to find a hidden treasure (chocolate, sweets, little messages, a rose, or any of the gift ideas mentioned above) and then your partner has to seek out the prezzies. A great one to keep going all day. Be really sneaky and put presents in the most unusual places!

9. Photoshoot Gift Vouchers

Ok - you got me, a bit of shameless self promotion. But a photoshoot day can be such a unique gift to give! It doesn't have to be a couple's shoot. What about a makeover portrait session for her? Or a family-group shoot including the dog of course! I offer gift vouchers starting from £35, if you're in the Greater Manchester area have a look at my website and you can purchase your vouchers online. (But because Valentine's Day is only a matter of days away, if you drop me an email I'll get you set up with a e-voucher to print yourself!)

What will you be doing this year and which is your favourite from the ideas above?



  1. love all of these ideas! especially the date night jar:)

    Eilidh from Velvet-Winter

  2. I've never really been one to do much for Valentine's Day, if I do anything at all, but these gift ideas are the kinds of things I probably would do. More thoughtful, less store bought same-ness. I like the idea of the food hamper as a gift from me to me, to be honest though, haha.

    Kirsty x - HelloZelda!

  3. I kind of wanted to set up a scavenger hunt this year, then I remembered Gone Girl and my daydream suddenly took on a sinister vibe... Maybe I'll go with it :P

    Thick and Thin London

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  5. Such great ideas! I'm definitely going to bake something for my boyfriend this year x


  6. Love the date nights in a jar idea so cute!

  7. Very cool ideas! Thanks for sharing! <3 Have a great and romantic Valentines Day!



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