Friday, 12 December 2014

Product Photography | Tips & Tricks

My blog article for Pixc Photos went live last week! It's full of tips on how you can produce your own in-context and creative product photos for your online shop. Creative imagery helps increase sales and desirability of your products but I think these photography tips will also help those of you just wanting to improve your blog images. You can read the article here and I'd love to hear your feedback.

"Product photography is all trial and error. Take lots of photographs. Do you need images from every angle? Portrait or landscape shots? Try adding in props, then taking them away. Frame your product well. Sometimes that means the product sits right in the centre of the image. Such as a perfume bottle, surrounded by flower petals, sitting on mirrored glass. Or sometimes it’s better to place your product slightly to one side of the frame following the ‘rule of thirds’ technique. An armchair to the right shows off the fireplace behind it and is illustrative of a real home layout. It all depends on what you are selling."  - read the full article here.



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