Thursday, 18 December 2014

Laura Ashley Xmas Crafty Workshop

On Sunday I was invited along to the Laura Ashley Festive Craft Workshop for Manchester bloggers, held at Rosy Lee in the Northern Quarter. I was really looking forward to it all week, if you're a regular reader of This Fashion is Mine you'll know I'm quite a crafty person. Lots of lovely Manchester bloggers were all in one room (more than I'd ever seen before in fact) and we were met by Ministry of Craft and the Laura Ashley team who led the workshops, teaching us how to make two Christmas DIYs using bestselling Laura Ashley prints.

First up, we made gift bags (or present sacks!) with a bunting design. I was a little taken aback to see all the sewing machines - my sewing skills are ok but using an unfamiliar machine is always a bit daunting. But the team were so friendly and helpful, I quickly got used to the new controls and the DIY was suprisingly easy to do. It's inspired me to create more mini present sacks for popping gifts into.

After a little break and lots of canape treats we headed to the paper craft area and were taught how to make gift boxes and fancy oversized bows. A selection Laura Ashley wallpaper was provided for the gift boxes, the perfect thickness for making these boxes (I'll be digging out some scraps of wallpaper I have left over to make more!) The gift bows looked really complicated but they were in fact super easy to make. Just lots of strips of paper, made into figures of 8 and then piled on top of each other!

Thank you to Laura Ashley and Ministry of Craft for such a wonderful afternoon - I trotted home with my goodie bag and crafts feeling very proud of myself! The Laura Ashley guys have already popped a blog post up about the event which you can read here and see more photos from the day.



  1. Fab pictures Gwen, looks like so much fun, I should have been there but had an emergency at the vets! Hope you have a fab Christmas lovely xx

  2. This looks like such a fun event, quite a different thing to do too! The bows look incredible and I love the little sack x

    Josie’s Journal

  3. Wow the pictures look like you had a really nice day :) Both, the bow and the bag look super cute.

  4. This looks fun!

  5. That looks awesome fun! I just got some great bargains from Laura Ashley, I never normally go in :)

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