Monday, 15 December 2014

DIY Paper Flower Lamp

This Christmas, three of my best friends and myself decided we would make DIY presents for each other. This obviously suited me down to a tee! I couldn't wait to get going and I had all their presents completed by the end of November. I had the idea of embellish lamps for a while and originally I was going to decorate the lampshades with fabric flowers. After a long battle with an international ebay seller and a missing parcel I scraped the idea of fabric flowers and chose to make my own paper (or card) ones instead!

I love how these have turned out. I put myself under a strict budget to make sure I could afford all the items I needed, (plus wrapping stuff and Xmas cards) so these DIY lamps are actually really affordable. We swapped presents on Saturday night, when we could all get together, and the girls loved their lamps - so now I can finally pop the tutorial up on here for anyone who wants to give it a go.

What You Need

Small Lamp
Flower Craft Punch
Silver and White Pearlescent Card
Small Flat Back Pearls
PVA Glue (extra strong)

I bought my lamps from a home-bargain type shop. They were about £5 each. You can choose whatever colour you like. I went with a mushroom grey lamp and made silver and white pearlescent flowers. I bought my card at The Range and ordered everything else on eBay.

Start by punching out your flowers. Using card that is too thick will break your craft punch (so stick to thick paper or thin card) I found I needed approx 80-90 flowers per lamp. Yes - that's a lot of punching! Even so, I bought two A1 sized pieces of card and I still had lots left over even after making three of these lamps. So if you're just making the one, you'll be ok with two A3 sized pieces. 

You're then going to want to curl the flowers to make them slightly 3D and stick out from the lampshade. I pulled a thumbnail along each petal, curling the flower slightly as I went. This is something you have to practice but it becomes second nature after doing a few. 

Once we have our 3D flowers, were going to use PVA glue to stick a pearl into the centre of each one. You only need a tiny dot of glue - squash the pearl down and let it dry. The glue I used dries completely in about 10 minutes. This is a project you can do while sitting in front of the TV.

Now it's time to start attaching them to your lampshade. Remove the shade from the lamp base to make it easier to hold. Using a small blob of glue applied to the back of each flower, start sticking, one by one on to the lamp. I alternated with white and silver card. You'll find a pattern begins to emerge and you can follow this so no two flowers of the same colour end up touching. If there are any funny gaps left at the end, just pop a flower in! It won't spoil the overall appearance as long as the lampshade is pretty full. Go slowly, allowing time for the glue to dry. I spent a few hours on each lampshade. Treat them with care while the glue is still wet, once it's dry the flowers should be firmly attached to the lamp.

Plug in and switch on to see how the light bounces through your flowers! It's like a whole new design once the lamp is on. Don't leave your lamp unattended for any length of time, these ones take low-voltage bulbs and don't get too hot but a powerful lamp may overheat.

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  1. This is incredible! DIY homewares never fail to impress me! :) X

  2. This is actually genius. So cute :}

  3. It looks fantastic! I love the way the light shines between the flowers. Great idea! xo

  4. Looks amazing! Very beautiful diy lamp. Totally love this idea.
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  6. Omg, this is absolutely gorgeous and looks like it costs wayyyy more! Has to be one of my favourite DIYs from you!

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - fashion, beauty + lifestyle

  7. wow! those are so adorable!! love the idea!! I must try this out~~ <3

  8. Wowwwww!! This is so creative and soooo adorable!! ) I think I'm going to try this out sometime soon!! :) Thanks Gwen!! :*


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