Friday, 24 October 2014

Winter Sunglasses

If you've been a reader of This Fashion is Mine for a while you will know all about my sunglasses obsession. I have a small collection, but I like to wear them as often as possible. Just because we are well on the way to winter weather does not mean it's time to pack away the sunnies. I love a crisp bright day and when the snow falls the sunlight is bouncing around all over the place. You need to protect your eyes all year round. I've compiled a list of my favourite designer pairs to wear in the colder months. I tend to go for heavier frames, dark colours and bold oversized sunglasses. Avoid pale tinted lenses or colourful sunnies and save those for summer. I've made the following suggestions from SunglassesSave where they have a huge collection of designer brands!

Chanel 5222 | Carrera 6004 | Ray-Ban Erika | Ray-Ban Clubmasters | Ray-Ban Wayfarer | Oakley Unfaithful | Tom Ford FT0149 Aviators | Dior SOIE 2

Which are your favourites? I prefer an oversized style, in brown or tortoise shell and something with pointy corners (such as Ray Ban Clubmasters) give my round face a bit of shape and suit the natural shape of my eyes. The Chanel pair (first ones pictured) are high on my wish list!

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  1. I could not choose one, the truth is that they are all gorgeous, kisses!

  2. Love love my Ray Bans - I've been building up my collection slowly! My favourite styles are the Aviators and Wayfarers =]

    Stephanie |


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