Saturday, 13 September 2014

Must Have Gadgets for LFW

I love my gadgets. Pocket sized electronics that make life easier. It's a bit sad but I'm not sure I can imagine leaving the house for an important event such as London Fashion Week without a few (very necessary) gadgets. I've put together my top must-have items, which may help you out if you're heading down to catch the shows or on a rather important trip and in need of a modern-day survival kit. Keep reading as there's some exciting news at the bottom of this post...

Bamboo Stylus and Pen

This new release from Wacom features a smooth writing pen and touch screen stylus in one. Perfect for taking notes during shows or keeping up to date with your schedule. I also like using these stylus pens for drawing and creative note taking on the iPad. You can make really precise lines and curves, so it's an artist's dream. (Wacom Bamboo Duo Stylus - £29 –

Eye-Fi Mobi SD Card

I love this thing! It goes into your camera like any ordinary SD card, but connects wirelessly with your phone, laptop or tablet and automatically transfers your cameras snapshots to your device using it's own Wi-Fi. Achieving spectacular Instagram photos has never been easier, as you can use the power of your DSLR lens but quickly upload photos to your phone for posting online! A great tool for bloggers wanting to publish outfit posts without hassle whilst at LFW or travelling.

QDOS Q-Pic Selfie

When I first held this strange gadget in my hands I wasn't convinced it would be a necessary item. But this cork-sized object connects via Bluetooth to your phone and allows you to take photos remotely with the press of its bright green button! So no more juggling with your front facing camera and trying to hold your thumb in the correct position. Use the remote instead. You can even set up your phone on a wall or table and stand back to snap a group shot! The Q-PIC connects to Apple and Android phones that run on iOS7 and Android 4.3 (Qdos - £19.99

Misfit Shine Activity Tracker and Misfit Bloom

The Misfit Shine is one of the most stylish fitness trackers on the market. It's a sleek round pebble with a light up dial, clock and sleep tracking features. It's waterproof so you can even use it whilst swimming! You just tap the Misfit twice to see the surface light up and the more lights you see, the closer you are to reaching your target for the day. I've been loving testing out the Misfit Shine. I'm not much of an fitness freak and I don't go to the gym but it's been interesting to see just how much exercise I do per day and I've been feeling quite competitive at beating my set goals. I also wear the Misfit at night to track how much deep sleep I'm getting and I'm quickly learning just how many hours of sleep I actually need to be productive the following day. (Misfit Shine - £79.95 - Argos)

You can start off slowly and increase your daily activity points, I imagine you can rack up some serious points during London Fashion Week, all that rushing around it's great to see it all explained once you sync the Misfit with your phone. You'd be surprised at how accurate the Misfit Shine is.
I usually just wear my Misfit Shine with the rubber band around my wrist (blends in well with bracelets) but the Misfit Bloom is a brand new (available for pre-order) necklace designed to hold your Misfit Shine. So you can wear your activity tracker as a piece of jewellery. The Shine works just as well worn around your neck and is still just as accurate. You can guarantee you'll turn a few heads when you tap the Misfit Shine to see it light up! (Misfit Bloom - £69.99 - Amazon)

Oyama Portable Power Bank

You'll be using your electronics a lot during LFW. There's nothing worse that running low on battery when you're only half way through your day. So I'd be popping this lightweight Oyama battery pack into my handbag (charged via USB first!) and using it to give my iPhone or iPod a boost when I'm running low. It's compatible with iPhone 5 and up, and iPod's that use a lightning cable. (Oyama Power Bank - £27.95 – Amazon)

The best news is....I'll be giving away all of the above mentioned products to one lucky reader of This Fashion is Mine! So you can own the Misfit Shine, Misfit Bloom necklace, Eye-Fi SD Card, Bamboo Stylus Pen, Oyama Power Bank and the QDOS Q-Pic iPhone Remote! It's going to be a massive giveaway and I'm so excited to be able to bring it to you thanks to Ranieri Communications. Please keep your eyes peeled, make sure you're a follower either through GFC or Bloglovin as the giveaway will be coming your way next week.

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*the items featured were gifted PR samples from Ranieri, all opinions are my own.


  1. The stylus pen is such a good idea although id be terrified of getting the sides mixed up and end up writing on my Ipad! Great post x

    Distant Dreamer

  2. The SD card is so cool! It sounds like it would be really convenient to have. Great post! xo

  3. oh my god! i want sooooo badly to win all these!!! i cant wait!!!

  4. I need a wifi SD card, that's so awesome!
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  5. Awesome post! Love all of these gadgets, especially the Misfit. That necklace is adorable. I recently got a camera with wi-fi connectivity so I can easily transfer my photos. It's so cool how it creates its own wi-fi network to work with.

    Kris |

  6. Whaaaaat? Are you serious? I crave all those things now, especially the Misfit Shine and Misfit Bloom.

  7. That ds card is genus! I've been considering one of these fitness watch things for a whole that pebble is pretty chic

  8. I love the idea of that SD card, so handy!

    Ashley x

  9. Okay I really need the Eye-Fi Mobi SD Card
    S xx

  10. Great selection of gadgets - I love the SD card.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  11. I was going through reading about how cool all of these sounded then squealed out loud to see they'll be in a giveway! Yay, so much excitement for this :)

    | Lizzy Fresh |

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