Friday, 26 September 2014

5 Secret Blogger Cheats!

Bloggers need not be hero-worshiped for their good, great or 'perfect' blogs - as we all know that every so often we give into a few naughty 'blog cheats!' Blogging is hard. Coming up with fresh content all the time and keeping both yourself and your readers happy? It does not come easily. So I don't blame you for using your blogging benefits and cheeky blogger skills to get out of a few mishaps and keep everything looking just peachy. So in the most lighthearted way, I'm about to reveal five of the most common blogger secrets - you may just recognise yourself!

#1. Giving friends & family gifts that were actually blog freebies
I'm very guilty of this one - but it's not really a bad thing - I save some pennies at Christmas time and family members get great stuff! It also means I can treat friends to items I normally wouldn't be able to afford. I save up a few brand gifts here and there for giveaways on This Fashion is Mine, so we all can benefit from this blogger cheat!

#2. Making a blog post out of anything
New car air-freshener? Walking the dog in the park? Bloggers have a talent of turning the everyday mundane into interesting blog posts. I admit that I see life through 'bloggers-eyes'. Fresh ideas are everywhere and if I feel particularly stuck for new content I can always make de-cluttering my handbag sound really appealing. It takes talent to transform nothing into something, so we can appreciate the hard work that goes into this blogger cheat!

#3. Leading a double life
Don't be fooled by a blogger's Instagram feed. It may be full of picturesque scenes, healthy food, expensive flowers and brand new makeup but most of the time we're actually sitting at a cluttered desk in pyjamas, eating cold pizza. Blogging can be a bit of a false pretense - it's fine as long as you as a reader are aware bloggers don't lead perfect lifestyles and you may just be presented with the best bits.

#4. Using Photoshop to its full potential
Photoshop is a blogger's best friend. It can transform a rather dull image into a masterpiece and can work wonders for bad skin or hair days. It's a bit of a vain one but who wants to put a bad photograph of themselves on the internet? So be aware next time your reading your favourite blog, the image you see is probably the chosen 1 out of 100+ taken... and then edited to perfection!

#5. Dressing up - just for the Internet
How many times have you 'got ready' just to take blog photographs!? Countless times for me! On days where I actually have plans, I have no time to take outfit photos or set up my camera for 'face of the day' snaps. I'm too busy being busy. So on days off I still find myself with a full face of makeup and wasting a killer outfit, all because I needed to get my blog photos done! How many of you have also touched up your lipstick or brushed your hair just for a quick Instagram photo? Cheeky.


I know I'm guilty of these from time to time - do you have any blogger cheats you'd like to share? Feel free to confess all in the comments section below, we're all friends here! 



  1. Haha, these are all so true! Ah, the life of a blogger...

  2. This was fun to read! Agree with most, especially #2! and yes de cluttering one's handbag is very interesting to read! :-)


  3. Haha loved this post! I definitely never have time to photograph my outfit when I actually have plans haha. x


  4. Number 2 could also be a great way to find ideas for new posts!

  5. I am definitely guilty of the last one!! xx

  6. I'm guilty of making a blog post out of anything, but to be fair they're usually things I'm passionate about maybe just not something that warrants an entire post to itself.

  7. Guilty of so many of these, haha!
    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  8. Definitely guilty of the last one! As soon as the pics are taken, pjs are back on for me haha x

  9. Lol great post! I think making a post about anything, is just a general bloggers way of life, isn't it! I constantly look at everything through Blogger Goggles now-a-days! And yes, thank God for Photoshop ;-D

  10. Yes totally Agree! Heh

  11. some of the points are pretty funny and I'm sure a lot of people relate haha x

  12. so true ….
    <a href="“>My Style Diary</a>

  13. Haha love this!
    S xx

  14. Number 2 is spot on... I consider one of my best skills being able to turn the most boring events into long blog posts hahaha.

  15. Haha number 5 is me summed up in a paragraph and I most definitely view life through "blogger eyes" xo

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  17. So true! Hearing it come from someone else makes feel better about taking 1000+ photos for a 10 photo post!
    Heather Wyancko's Thrift Stories

  18. I can so relate! Hehe. Whenever I need to take a full face photo for the blog, I throw on a nice shirt instead of my pjs, and put on a full face of makeup. Take a few snaps... then off it all goes! Haha :) Most of the time we are indeed just bumming it in pjs! :D

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  19. Guilty of #3 and #5. Still learning #2. I really need that skill. Love your blog.

    Mira La Belle


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