Monday, 25 August 2014

The Bathory | Design Your Own Bath Soak

I love baths. I have more baths than showers and make time for them often because of the relaxing benefits both for your muscles and mind. So I also like trying out new bath products for the ultimate bubble bath.
A week ago I had the pleasure of designing my own bath soak - from the mineral salt right down to the mix of fragrant oils. The Bathory allows its customers to blend together their own bath salt jars on their easy to navigate website and then ships them right to your door in a beautiful brown paper parcel. The salts themselves are stored inside a tall violet glass jar with a screw on lid, they're all natural, organic and just my sort of thing.

I designed my own jar from the 'Soothe' range which mixes Epsom salts, oatmeal, honey and buttermilk. I then selected three of my favourite fragrances (especially for bath time) Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Eucalyptus. They have lots of scents and salts to choose from you can just hand pick what you like and leave out what you don't. The bath soak arrived in a few days after ordering. To my delight the salts are very finely ground and dissolve instantly into a hot bath and swirl around to make a nice aroma and add a silky feel to the water. The jar recommends you use 1/4 of the jar for a quick fix, half of the jar for a luxurious bath and the whole jar for the best bath of your life! I managed to get three baths from my 7oz jar and loved every one. I'm sort of glad this one jar doesn't last for months. I have so many half empty products sat around the bathroom that sometimes it's better to just use up and enjoy what you have.

I warmed to everything about this brand - their packaging was just perfect. I think these custom bath soaks would make a nice gift and the sleek dark violet glass bottle is not particularly feminine so I imagine even the manliest man would feel comfortable to personalise their own bath salts from The Bathory.



  1. I've seen this on a couple other blogs and I love this idea!

    xo Ashley
    Lions Lace Lattes

  2. This is a brand I really wanted to try but I don't have a bath at the place I'm living in at the moment which is heart breaking since I was a major bath taker before.

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  4. I love baths when I can find the time to have them! Definitely the best way to relax, cute idea!

    Fae | SodaBerries

  5. wow! that sounds so cool! The packaging is also super cute! It's well designed :)


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