Saturday, 9 August 2014

DIY Fabric Wall Banner

Today I'm going to show you how easy it is to make these fabric wall banners. They make unique pieces of inspirational art for your home. You can use any quote or reference you like - or you could illustrate something very personal to you. All you need to get going is some canvas fabric and a sharpie!

Start with a big piece of plain canvas fabric and fold it in half. Your banner can be as large or small as you like, mine is approx 18x14 inches. Leave the folded edge at the top and cut off the corners at the bottom into a pointed shape. You can find canvas at fabric shops, buy it online here or here, or you could even cut up and re-use an old tote bag. Sometimes it's called Calico. After cutting your banner you might want to give it an iron.

Print out your quote or design. Place this under the canvas fabric and you should be able to see the letters to trace them. I went over the design in pencil first and then used a regular black sharpie. You can buy special fabric markers but as the banner won't be being washed or getting wet, a regular permanent marker will do.

I made two banners, the second being Game of Thrones inspired! I filled in the letters with the sharpie and I like the rough illustrated look this has. If you're looking for darker block letters, black fabric paint would work or you could even cut the letters out of felt and stick them on. Here's some design inspiration for your banner...

After completing the quote I used a sewing machine to run a small stitch all the way around the banner, leaving an inch open tab at the top for threading a curtain rod or wooden pole through...

To hang the banner I found a piece of strong craft wire. Slide the wire through the tab we sewed at the top - a curtain rod would be even better, and you can find a short one for a few pounds at a home/diy shop. I used a natural coloured string to hang the banner up. 

What will your banner say? To see more DIY tutorials from This Fashion is Mine visit the DIY Archive page.



  1. I love this! It's so easy to make as well, think I'll be trying it out!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  2. That's a great idea, really simple too

  3. Real nifty! Saw one being sold for $75!! CRAZY. Thank you for this DIY, definitely making one as soon as I can find some canvas!

    xo Romzs from

  4. Very creative, will have to give this a go!

  5. This is fantastic!! Definitely going to give it a go!


  6. Love this DIY! Really wanted one after seeing it every time in Essie Buttons videos!

  7. I really like this, simple but such a cool idea! Tempted to recreate the Winter Is Coming one ;)

    Helen xx

  8. Such a good idea! I might make one for my friend for her new uni room!

  9. I love this idea! I will definitely try this when I feel like DIY'ing :) x

  10. I love this, what a great idea! Also, your bedside table is so pretty and neat x

    Josie’s Journal

  11. This is such a fab idea and it looks so easy to do! I'm definitely going to give it a try :) x

  12. Wonderful idea, looks great and seems to be easy to made.
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  13. I love these banners, they look absolutely fab!


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