Monday, 4 August 2014

Daisy Dream

Daisy Dream Marc Jacobs Fragrance & Shower Gel c/o Fragrance Direct

Daisy Dream is the new fragrance from Marc Jacobs and I'm sure you've been bombarded with reviews and features already. Marc Jacobs perfumes are always huge hits with bloggers and YouTubers and there's always a bit of mayhem whenever a new perfume is released. I still have a bottle of the original Daisy fragrance. There have been many variations released since and since I'm a big fan of Marc Jacobs scents so I really wanted to try out this latest version of Daisy. 

There are no surprises with this one. It's a beautiful light floral scent that's perfect for young adults and teens and very much a day-time scent. It's fresher slightly fruitier than the original Daisy. In my head, if Daisy was for frolicking in meadows, Daisy Dream is for jumping sea waves at the beach. The bottle is also gorgeous! This is the smaller 30ml version with a mirrored sphere shaped lid, pale blue liquid inside and white daisies adorning the glass - not forgetting the signature gold band. 

The shower gel smells identical, as you would expect and is a great way to kick start the day and wake you up in the shower. If you're looking for a summer fragrance that's not heavy or sickly sweet, I would try out Daisy Dream. It's available at 30ml for £32.99 at Fragrance Direct.



  1. It sounds absolutely lovely and I love the bottle! x


  2. The bottle is so pretty xx

  3. The bottle!! I think thats done it for me even before I've smelt it!

    Jenna ||

  4. I was looking at this today and it smells absolutely gorgeous and as always the bottle is so pretty :) x

  5. This smells so lovely, I really need to pick up the bottle! x

    FASHION TREEHOUSE | UK Fashion Blogger

  6. I need to smell this, looks so lovely :)

  7. Nice:) x

  8. i am a huge sucker for packaging! it's almost as if i buy first when there's pretty packaging and try later! not necessarily a good method haha! light and floral sounds wonderful. i'll have to try it!

    tiffany / tiffanyeatworld

  9. I love Marc Jacobs perfumes. They always get it so right! Love your analogy of it being perfect for jumping waves at the beach. x

  10. That little bottle is so adorable! I wasn't a fan of the original daisy perfume but I think I'll go give this one a sniff

  11. Loved this one! Just made a post about it as well!
    Check it out:


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