Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Behind-the-Scenes with Boohoo | Brooklyn Princess TV Advert

On the 4th July I was lucky enough to be invited down to Boohoo headquarters in Manchester to go behind-the-scenes and star as an extra on the filming of their latest TV advert; Brooklyn Princess. The advert has a New York City vibe, showcasing Boohoo's transitional pieces to take you from Summer to Autumn with ease. Along with fellow bloggers I arrived early to see the streets of Manchester lined with yellow taxi cabs, lighting crew and shooting equipment. Manchester is such an amazing city and I can see why it was the perfect location (second best to actually flying to New York) as there really was a NYC atmosphere and the weather was a perfect mix of sun and cloud. The advert takes us from the city streets to a loft apartment party. I've included lots of photos from the day below, the final advert is now live on your telly box (anyone catch it between Made In Chelsea!?) you can re-watch it at the bottom of this post...

Bloggers armed with essential gear - doing what we do best. (Links to blogs at the bottom)
Boohoo models shooting orange and black outfits on the streets. Bomber jackets, sport stripes and sequined caps can be seen. Plus size and menswear collections were also shot during the day. 
Male models shooting items from Boohoo Menswear collection included extra long hoodies, bomber jackets and American style jerseys, stripes and sportswear. 
Moving inside to shoot the party scene - this is where we stepped in as extras!

It was fascinating to see all the work that goes into shoot a 30 second TV advert - we were there all day and felt pretty exhausted by the end - but Boohoo took such good care of us and it was so much fun to be in the background as extras, meet other Manchester bloggers and see a lot of the new collection. There's some key pieces I'll definitely be picking up, the transitional season months are definitely my sort of style.

Big mentions to all the fabulous people there, make sure you check out the blogs of Hannah, Charissa, Clare, Lindsay, Charlotte, Chyaz and Rosie - a lovely bunch of girls that restore my faith in how friendly bloggers are.

Here's the final cut - if you look carefully at 0.17 seconds you'll see me sat on the leather couch to the right! And later at 0.24 the Manchester bloggers are hanging out behind the dancers.

And here's the Behind the Scenes video, where I give a short interview about my favourite parts of the day (be kind, I don't make videos for a reason!)

Thanks to Boohoo for inviting me along! What do you think of the new advert and the new collection?



  1. WHoop! Fab post guuurrrl, thanks for the mention :) xx

  2. Great post dear,I just discover your blog and I already love it!

  3. Loved the advert, and it is really cool that you got to be a part of it!
    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  4. Wow! The photos are amazing! I think is so great that they let bloggers go there and see how they create the advert.

  5. i thought this advert was so much better than the one they did in a desert!!

  6. wow, this looks so fun.
    Congrats ;D

  7. What's the name of that girl in pink shiny dress??


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