Sunday, 3 August 2014

3 Ways to Display Your Photographs on a Budget

#1. The Picture Rail

I've been inspired by many photo rails spotted on Pinterest! These white picture rails are from IKEA, they're just over 1m in length and were only £8.25 each. If you don't have much space these picture ledges are perfect as you can squish on lots of framed photos without commitment to their placement. When I get bored I mix these prints up and swap frames around to create a new look. 

These photo frames are also all from IKEA. They have lots of reasonably priced frames in varied sizes and many come with removable mounts so you can fully customise the way your photographs look. I like to mix my frame sizes and colours up a bit whilst still sticking to a theme (white, black and silver.) Using portrait and landscape photographs next to each other really works on these photo shelves. 
As you can see the picture rails are wide enough to hold small objects and decorative items, which I'm talking about further down in this post...

#2 The Canvas Print

Canvases have been popular for many years and the photo canvases of the early 2000s just don't compare to the modern day versions. I've been really impressed with the two canvases I ordered for the studio as the photographs are so clear and sharp, with a matte soft finish. You can hardly tell they are printed on fabric. The first black and white canvas print was kindly sent from the Canvas Print Company. The canvas arrived within a week and unknown before ordering, I had to put it together myself! But it was actually really easy and all the tools I needed were included in the box as well as the step by step instructions. The finished result is tight and secure - although the edges are a little bumpy which I'm not too happy about. These are both 20x30 inch canvases which seems quite large but once they're up on the wall they aren't so overwhelming. 

I've never really been into canvases but the price you can blow up photos to huge sizes. An unframed photo can have real impact on the wall. To hang a canvas I hammer two nails into the wall and hang the canvas frame on these. No moving around or getting knocked out of place. 

#3 Adorn the Shelves

Adding extra bits and bobs to your photographs can make a unique and personal display. I actually use all these 'adornments' as props in my studio photographs but they are too pretty to hide in the cupboard so I keep them on show next to my photos. (See the first photo of my vintage film camera!) Fake flowers, wooden letters, vases and candles all add a nice touch. Other ideas could be to display baby's first shoes next to portrait of said baby. Or a pair of colourful sunglasses next to your holiday snaps. 

How do you like to display your photographs? An even simpler idea is to pin prints to a cork board - you can easily change them around and update them without having the added expense of frames.



  1. Love this! x

  2. I think the picture rail one is my favourite, will be trying that!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  3. super:)) x

  4. I love these ideas, particularly the picture rail, thanks for sharing!!

  5. Love the idea of a picture rail and like how you added extra bits for decoration. xxx

    Alana Says…// and lifestyle blog

  6. I love the little ornaments, and these ways of displaying the photos are so pretty! x
    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  7. Love the ways you displayed photos for this post. The rails are interesting option and look very good, canvas are great too for a little bit bigger photo for some special moment :) Putting some decorative ornaments between photos is awesome! The rose is wonderful and brings personality.
    Office cleaners Sidcup

  8. I love the photo rail :) the arrangement of photos is so picture-perfect!


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