Friday, 4 July 2014

DIY Ombre Gold Glass Bottles

I knew that collecting these miniature wine bottles would be a good idea. My love of rosé has resulted in this quick and simple DIY. All you need are some clear glass bottles (any size, but I find these mini ones really cute and perfect vase size for a single flower) and some gold spray paint. I used regular metallic spray paint found in the pound shop - it dried quickly and won't rub off. 

Start by soaking the wine bottles in soapy warm water for a few hours to help remove the labels. This is the most time consuming part but a strong fingernail or blunt knife can help to scrape off the soggy labels. Rinse out and dry your glass bottles. Shake your paint well and in a well-ventilated area/outside and spray the bottom half of your bottles lightly and quickly whilst turning the bottle in your hand. You want to hold the paint can about 15cm away from your bottle and be careful not to apply too much (it could start to run.) I used a bin bag to protect the surface. Move the paint can further away from the bottle as you work your way up to give that gradient 'ombre' effect. Leave to dry, standing on a protected surface and depending on the type of paint used your bottles should be dry to touch in less than an hour.

I wouldn't risk washing these or getting them too wet, I'm sure the spray paint would start to wear away. They make perfect decorative items or vases for real/fake individual flowers. You could give these as gifts, stand fragrance reeds in them or just leave them as they are! Be sure to look at my other DIY tutorials...



  1. These look amazing! So easy to make as well, will deffo be trying this out!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  2. I'm really spray paint happy so i'll try that!

  3. Oh wow, these look incredible x

  4. Really cute and simple! Love this!:)

    xoxo, Jules
    ♥Come Visit My Blog♥

  5. These look great, will try to get around to having a go. Thanks for the idea xxx

  6. Wow, such a simple but gorgeous DIY - would be great as decor too! Will give this a go (:

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - fashion, beauty + lifestyle

  7. These are adorable!
    I am definitely going to make these!

  8. I love your DIY posts, always just good individual ideas :) x

  9. So pretty, perfect to liven up my uni room.
    Thank you xxx

    Alana Says

  10. They look beautiful! Great DIY!


  11. Love love love this idea- I've pinned it to my wedding ideas board on Pinterest, thanks for the inspiration :)

    Faye x

  12. This is an excellent idea that I really want to try, however I don't have any wine bottles...what a good excuse for getting on the vino haha :)


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