Saturday, 21 June 2014

Lifestyle | Lytham St Annes

Here's a little photo diary of a recent trip to Lytham, St Annes. Josh and I drove to the seaside last weekend for a mini holiday and to visit family. We set off in cloudy average weather but by the time we arrived at the coast it was beautifully sunny and hot. We checked into our hotel (Clifton Park Hotel) and then headed down to the beach. I love the beach even if sea air does crazy things to my hair. Josh is not so keen but he didn't need much persuading to have his shoes and socks off and jeans rolled up! The sea was too far out for us to paddle and we were unprepared for such good weather but we just sat straight down in the sand anyway. I snapped the above picture of a well prepared couple in front of us sitting in fold-out chairs with a flask of tea and a picnic.

We explored the pier and local shops and did some serious dog-watching. We sat down for a well deserved beer and had lunch at a place called Jack's which was amazing. If anyone's from the area please tell me you go to this place all the time, they have an outdoor space with fleece blankets on every chair in case you feel chilly (my kind of restaurant!) That night we ate shredded duck pancakes at Zen, a Trip Adviser top rated Chinese restaurant and watched the England game in a local bar.

My red daisy dress is a last season River Island one and yes I needed bicycle shorts underneath to avoid windy-beach embarrassments. Sunglasses are my well loved Ray Ban aviators. I wish I'd taken some shots of the dress I wore in the evening, it's a bright coral lace shift dress (which I'm considering for Graduation.)
It's nice to get away for a short break and I always feel 'on-holiday' when I'm by the sea. Lytham is a great place to visit if you want to stay away from the crowds of Blackpool. I've not shared any 'personal' photographs on my blog for a while - so hopefully you enjoyed something a little different.

But if not I've got a styling 'ways to wear' type posts coming up soon and some exciting reviews!



  1. I love this post and your photographs are lovely! I haven't been to St Anne's for years! I used to go so often as a child. It's a much nicer beach than Blackpool. xx

  2. Love this post. I live around Lytham and St Annes and it looks like you caught it on a beautiful day :) xx

  3. This looks like a lovely little trip. I can't even remember the last time I went to the beach!
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  4. Gorgeous photos! I love trips to the seaside :) sounds like you had a lovely time!
    Kaz at Sunshine Days x

  5. Love the idea of every chair in an outside area of a restaurant having fleece blankets. Should be compulsory for evey restaurant/pub

  6. I love your dress! Sounds like a lovely time away :)

  7. Beautiful pictures. The one of you guys holding your icecream cones :) And such a pretty dress too.

  8. Sounds like a well spent weekend :) Lovely photos and place to relax.
    Carpet Cleaners Clapham

  9. your printed red dress is soooo adorable. I heart this! :) it's sooo flowy, playful and easy - giving it a girly, flirty vibe; quite similar to THE DEAD BELL DRESS by Ruby Sees All which we carry at StyleCloset. I really enjoy going through your blog. It just seems so fun. Keep it up coz you never fail to leave a smile in my face Cheers! :)


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