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iPhone Photography | How To

Whether you are a blogger or photography fanatic, splashing out on an expensive camera is a big step. I believe in the importance of photography when it comes to blogging but I don't believe everyone needs to be shooting with a DSLR to capture fantastic images. Today I wanted to show you how you can produce beautiful clear images with your iPhone or smart phone. Most modern smart phones have a built in camera of amazing quality. My iPhone 4S can shoot 8 megapixel stills and 1080p video. When I'm out without my DSLR I can rely on getting a photo with my phone. But there are a few things to think about in order to create striking images.


Hold your phone steady with two hands for a sharper image. Allow your phone to find focus, don't rush the image. Re-focus in different areas by tapping the screen so the yellow box appears.
If the photo is looking under-exposed (too dark) tap on the shadowy areas in the image so the camera will re-adjust itself. If the photo is looking over-exposed (too bright) tap on the bright areas in the image.

Hold down for 3 seconds on any part of the screen will activate Auto Focus Lock. Which means you can select the exact point of focus and wherever you move the phone, focus will stay in place. This allows you to play around with depth of field and it's great for super-close up macro shots.

Turn on HDR for landscape outdoors images. Your iPhone will take several shots and then layer them all together for you to create a perfectly exposed image. This helps when the sky is very bright and the trees are in shadow. HDR images will take up extra room on your phone though so I only use this option now and again.

Take a few shots, from various angles, then you can compare them against each other. Do you want a landscape or portrait image? Which will work better for the shot? You can always take both so you can pick and choose later.


Great lighting is always going to improve your photography. Bright, fresh lighting is best when you want a clear, sharp image with true colours. Strong sunlight will cast a warm glowy effect on your photos, an overcast day will create much more even soft light. The clouds act like a giant softbox! Outdoor images with lots of natural light will be sharper and indoor images with artificial light can appear grainier. iPhone's are pretty good at auto re-adjusting to the lighting situation. They do all the hard work for you!


Once you've got your shots, upload them on to your computer or download an app to do a few tweaks. You may want to brighten the image or increase contrast. For more creative styles you can use filters. I like to do the basics with Photoshop but for more fashion-portrait images you could really go to town with the amount of editing you do! In the image above I cropped the photo slightly and increased the brightness. I also applied a slight vignette in white.


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iPhone Kaleidoscope Lenses Case


There are so many possibilities with iPhone photography and recently it's become a new 'thing' some people are even making a career out of being an iPhone photographer. Although I'd never shoot a wedding on my phone or rely on it for all of my blog photography, I'm impressed with how capable my iPhone camera is and the quality of images you can produce. I challenge you to go out and take advantage of what's already in your pocket!



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  2. Wow you have taken some amazing images with your iPhone, really good tips!

  3. thanks for sharing these tips , they are really useful !

  4. Damn! Iphones are amazing! I'm still using a pretty old phone and the camera quality sucks!:(
    I do agree that we bloggers don't have to spend such a huge amount of cash on insane cameras,
    maybe I'm getting an iphone instead, haha! THANKS FOR THE TIP!:))

    xoxo, Jules
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  6. There are weeks where I take more photos with my iPhone than with my DSLR. Even though I know the functions and capabilities of my phone's camera I didn#t know about the auto focus lock - really helpful post. Thanks for sharing.

    Kati from black.white.vivid.

  7. I always tend to struggle with iPhone photography - so this post is very helpful indeed, I'll have to get practising!

    Amy at The Girl In The Bowler Hat

  8. Thank you for this post, it has been really helpful :)

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  10. I've been struggling so much with photos recently, this is so so helpful! Thank you xxx

  11. Such great tips, your photos are beautiful! x
    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

  12. This is such a great post. I feel like iPhones can sometimes create the best images!


  13. Really helpful tips! I love using my iPhone for photos but sometimes the images come out great and other times not so much. xx

    Sarah Nunn | UK Style Blog

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  15. Great tips! Thanks for writing this blog post :)

    Faye x

  16. Thanks for these tips Gwen, I can now finally control the lighting on my iPhone pics! I wanted to let you know as well that I linked this post in my Best of the Web today! ;)

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